Data Recovery Software for Lost 3D Images/Files



updated on 2020-03-09 to Data Recovery

Summary: 3D images and files are mostly very professional and widely used by many professionals. So it’s not easy to recover the 3D images/files with common data recovery methods. If you unfortunately lost 3D images/files, do you know how to recover lost 3D images and files? On this page, you will find the answer.

how to recover lost 3D images and files

In computers, 3D (three dimensions or three-dimensional) describes an image that provides the perception of depth. 3D images are the images created with the popular products include Extreme 3D, LightWave 3D, Ray Dream Studio, 3D Studio MAX, Softimage 3D, and so on. When 3D images are made interactive so that users feel involved with the scene, so 3D images are widely used in visual reality.

The commonly used file extensions for 3D images/files, including A2C, ATM, D3D, FP3, M3, M3D, W3D, U3D, V3D, T3D, P3D, B3D, etc. To recover these kinds of lost 3D images and files, you will also need a professional data recovery tool. TogetherShare, as the top-class data recovery solution provider, has the most professional and popular data recovery software that can recover lost 3D images and files. TogetherShare Data Recovery is highly recommended for users to recover lost 3D images and files. Please first download the software.

What can TogetherShare Data Recovery do for you?

As an easy-to-use tool, the software is very simple and could be easily operated by any users even without too much computer skills and technologies. You can just follow the interface of the software and it can help you get back lost 3D images and files with ease.

Additionally, users are able to recover lost 3D images/files or other files in different data loss scenarios with this tool. We can list the most common data loss cases that will lead to data loss for 3D images and files. You can check if you encounter such issues, then you can know if the software could help you. For example:

  • Recover deleted 3D images and files.
  • Recover lost 3D images/files after formatting drive.
  • Recover 3D images/files from damaged or crashed drive.
  • Recover missing 3D images/files after human error.
  • Recover lost 3D images/files from RAW/inaccessible drive.
  • Recover 3D images/files after deleting/losing volumes.
  • Recover 3D images/files after system update or crash.
  • Recover lost 3D images and files lost due to other issues.

As a comprehensive tool, TogetherShare Data Recovery can recover lost data from USB flash drive, memory card, SSD, internal or external hard drive, and any other storage devices. No matter the file system of the drive/device is NTFS, FAT16/32, ReFS, ExFAT, Ext2/3, APFS, HFS/HFS+, or any other format of drives, you can try to recover the lost data with the software.

How to recover lost 3D images and files?

As mentioned before, the software is simple to use. You can recover lost 3D images and files in only 3 steps. We will show you the detail steps as follows, please just do step by step to do the data recovery.

Step 1. Choose the drive/device.

After losing 3D images/files from a drive, please ensure to connect the drive to the computer first. Then run the software and choose the drive from the list in the software.

how to recover lost 3D images and files

Step 2. Scan the drive/device.

The software will automatically scan the drive after you clicking the Scan button. It will deeply scan and analyze the drive to search for the deleted or lost 3D images/files.

how to recover lost 3D images and files

Step 3. Preview and recover.

Once the scan process is completed, the software will show all the found files in directory tree or types. Please check manually and preview the files first. Then choose the wanted files to recover.

how to recover lost 3D images and files

TogetherShare Data Recovery is so easy to recover lost 3D images and files as you can see. What’s more, it can also recover deleted or lost graphics, video clips, audio files, documents, emails, archives, or any other files. To recovery any lost files on your computer, please feel free to download the software first and have a free trial.