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updated on 2019-08-11 to Data Recovery

In modern information life, nearly everyone needs to use computer, smartphone, camera, or other digital devices. So digital data becomes an important part of our daily life. If data loss occurred, fast data recovery software is necessary to help us get everything back to normal. Fortunately, TogetherShare Data Recovery provides such an easy and fast data recovery solution for users who suffer data loss.

fast data recovery software

Common use scenarios of TogetherShare Data Recovery

TogetherShare Data Recovery can help you recover lost data in many different data loss scenarios. Users would lose files for reasons, such as:

  • Delete files by using "Shift + Del" keys.
  • Empty Recycle bin after deleting the files.
  • Accidentally formatted the hard drive, flash drive or SD card.
  • Operating system crashes and causes data loss.
  • The file system of drive/card become RAW, inaccessible, unrecognized.
  • Cut and Paste operation is interrupted by unexpected errors.
  • The computer is shut down suddenly while there it's writing data to an external drive.
  • More other data loss situations.

In all the mentioned data loss cases, the fast data recovery software can perform perfectly to rescue the lost data. It can help you recover any lost graphics/pictures, documents, videos, music files, emails, and any other lost files easily and fast.

TogetherShare always hopes to give users an overview of how the software works and for this reason, provides the trial edition to fully test the software in advance. Before purchasing the full version, you can download the trial version to freely scan and preview:

How to use this fast data recovery software?

This fast data recovery software is also very easy to use. With advanced data recovery technologies equipped, it can help you find and recover lost files very quickly. With only 3 steps, you can restore the lost files with this fast data recovery software. Please do as the following steps to perform fast data recovery.

Step 1. Choose the drive or device to scan.

If you lost data on a drive or device, please ensure to stop adding new data or doing other changes to it. Then run the fast data recovery software and choose the drive or device, click the "Scan" button to start the data recovery process.

fast data recovery software

Step 2. Scan the drive/device for lost files.

The software will quickly scan the drive/device automatically. It will scan the drive/device deeply to find all the possible lost data with different methods. With the advanced and optimized algorithm, it will be very fast to scan.

fast data recovery software

Step 3. Preview and recover data with fast data recovery software.

After scanning, you are able to preview the found files first. Then please select the recoverable and wanted files to recover. It can save the recovered files to another drive fast.

fast data recovery software

In order to recover lost data fast, TogetherShare keeps improving the software and optimizing the algorithm. Thus, it can help you scan and recover lost files very fast now. It's very important to recover lost data fast to avoid any further damage to the lost data. If data loss happened, download the fast data recovery software immediately to retrieve the lost files.