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Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on PC

by Carlos, 2018-08-17

“This morning, my little son opened my PC playing Iron Fist when I was cooking breakfast, but he deleted all my vocation photos on desktop and the recycle bin was emptied. Which made me so annoyed for how to get them back, I have no idea. Can you tell me if I can recover these deleted photos on my computer?” – Rebecca Williams

Photos, documents, files, all the data put on the desktop are the easiest things to be deleted, smashed or destroyed in our daily computer use, it can be caused by wrong operation, system crash, or third party software. When your photos suffered from this, you may think they are lost forever. But in fact, you still have chance to get the deleted photos back if you can find the right solution or tool, then you can easily recover permanently deleted photos on PC. In this article, we will show you a very efficient deleted photos recovery software to help you recover your permanently deleted photos from hard drive or external device.

Download PC deleted photo recovery software to Rescue your photos

TogetherShare Data Recovery is an acclaimed data recovery software which can help users to easily and quickly recover deleted photos from PC no matter you are using Windows or Mac system. With the compact interface, TogetherShare Data Recovery shows you an easy process to recover deleted photos. Even the most inexperienced users can handle it. The following are the easy steps to recover deleted photos on PC with TogetherShare.

Step 1: Download TogetherShare Date Recovery.

Just download this PC deleted photo recovery software by click on the following download button. Then run it on your PC.

Step 2: Select the file types you want to recover.

If you only want to recover deleted photos, just select images or photos to start data recovery.

recover permanently deleted photos on PC

Step 3: Select hard drive and scan it to find deleted photos.

Where you deleted your photos? Just select the hard drive where your photos were deleted, then scan it to find the lost photos and other data.

recover permanently deleted photos on PC

Step 4: Preview and recover deleted photos.

Once the scan is completed, TogetherShare Data Recovery will show all the photos. You can preview the photos and select the ones you want to recover. Then save them to your computer. If you can’t find all deleted photos after quick scan, just try deep scan mode to find much more deleted photos.

recover permanently deleted photos on PC

It’s so easy to recover your permanently deleted photos on PC with TogetherShare Date Recovery. But we have some strong suggestions for you as below:

  • 1: Do not input any data on the disk where your photo lost in case of data rewrite to reduce the rate of successful date recovery.
  • 2: In some cases, the recovered photo name would be changed, just make a preview and rename it.
  • 3: Please save the recovered photo to another disk to avoid any data cross.

It is not a difficult thing to recover the permanently deleted photos. TogetherShare Data Recovery can 1:1 recover your permanently deleted photos, edited photos, HD photos, etc. You have erased the recycle bin many times? No problem, TogetherShare Date Recovery offers deep scan mode to ensure finding every recoverable photo on even damaged hard drive.

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