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Disk Drill Alternative Data Recovery Software

by Carlos, 2019-08-05

For home users or business users, we need to deal with digital data nearly every day, like work documents, family videos, travel photos, emails, music files, and other data. Data is getting more and more important for our life. If we deleted or lost the data unexpectedly, it will affect our normal work and life. If we lost data, a data recovery tool is necessary to recover the lost data. Some people would select Disk Drill to rescue the data. It is a good data recovery application. However, today we will share you a Disk Drill alternative data recovery software, which is more powerful and simple.

The top Disk Drill alternative for data recovery

TogetherShare Data Recovery is powerful and cost-effective data recovery software. This Disk Drill alternative software can recover deleted or any other lost data. Equipped with the new advanced data recovery technologies, it is the most comprehensive data recovery solution for NTFS, NTFS5, HFS/HFS+, APFS, FAT16/32, exFAT, and Ext2/Ext3 partitions.

It can recover deleted/lost data even from partitions that are deleted, formatted, corrupted, inaccessible, or lost. It’s capable to recover any type of lost data, arranges from commonly used photos, videos, audio, emails, to financial files, Photoshop files, and more.

Simple user interface and interaction lead to easy data recovery work for any users. As the top Disk Drive alternative, this application provides simple UI and more understandable interactions. It can help users in different computer skill level to restore lost data easily. Unlike Disk Drill, TogetherShare offers simplified but effective features to focus on data recovery.

If you cannot wait to try this professional and easy-to-use Disk Drill alternative software, just download it here:

How to use the Disk Drill alternative data recovery software?

Step 1. Choose the drive/device.

If you lost data from a hard drive, SSD, memory card or other devices, please connect it to your computer. Run the Disk Drill alternative data recovery software, select the drive/device and click the "Scan" button.

Disk Drill Alternative

Step 2. Scan the drive/device.

This application will quickly and deeply scan the drive/device to find the deleted or lost files. It can display the found files directly during the scan process. So you can verify if this Disk Drill alternative software worked for you even before the scan is finished.

Disk Drill Alternative

Step 3. Preview and recover data with Disk Drill alternative software.

After scanning, all the found files will be displayed. You can preview the files in this Disk Drill alternative tool before recovering. Select the wanted files to recover and please save the recovered files to another drive/device.

Disk Drill Alternative

Data loss is a painful but unavoidable issue. No matter how careful you are, there are still some unexpected errors happen and cause data loss. Besides Disk Drill, there are many other data recovery applications can help you restore deleted or lost data. TogetherShare Data Recovery is one of the best that can help you better. Don’t hesitate, download it now to retrieve your precious data.

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