Data Recovery for Deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) Files



updated on 2020-03-01 to Data Recovery

INDD is a file format used by the application Adobe Indesign. As a very popular and industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media, Adobe Indesign is widely used by many professionals across the world. Also, INDD files are widely spread and used by many users.

recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents

For some reasons, the INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents on the computer, hard drive, USB flash drive, or any other devices will be deleted or lost by accidental. If you urgently want to recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents, we suggest you use a trusted tool. TogetherShare Data Recovery is such an effective tool to help you recover deleted or lost INDD files.

Download TogetherShare INDD file recovery software

Before starting the data recovery, it’s needed to download the software first. The download of this software is available for both Windows and Mac users. Please just download the free trial to have a try first.

Why choose this software? First, the software is very popular and has helped so many users all around the world. With advanced data recovery algorithms, the software can deeply scan the drive and device to find and recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents effectively.

Besides, the software can recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents in many data loss cases. It can recover the files after deleting or after emptying the recycle bin. It can also recover lost files from formatted drive, lost drive, deleted drive, or damaged drive. Also, if you lost files after system crash, virus infection, or other issues, the software can also help you recover the lost files.

At last, the data recovery software is able to recover different kinds of lost files, including graphics, videos, documents, audio files, emails, archives, database files, financial files, and many other kinds of files. It can recover these lost files from different types of device.

Guide: Steps to recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents

Actually, the software is very simple to use. With only just 3 steps, users can get back lost INDD files easily with the software. We will show the steps in detail for you here. Please just follow the steps as follows directly.

Step 1. Choose the drive to scan.

First, launch the software and you will see all the connected drives on the computer. Please choose the drive that contains the deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents, then click the Scan button to continue.

recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents

Step 2. Scan the drive for lost data.

The software will then scan the drive automatically to search for the lost INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents. It will take some time to scan, please just wait patiently.

recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents

Step 3. Preview and recover lost data.

Once the scan is finished, it will show all the found data in the software. Please check and preview the files manually. Then only choose the wanted files to recover.

recover deleted INDD (Adobe Indesign) documents

After losing data, please first stop using the drive and don’t add any new data to the drive. Otherwise, the lost data may be further damaged and cause data recovery failure. Also, please ensure to save the recovered data to another drive instead of the same drive where you lost data.

Data loss may happen sometimes by accidental. If you don’t have backup of the lost data, you can still have the last chance. Please download and use TogetherShare Data Recovery to recover the lost files directly.