Mac Data Recovery Tool for Lost MOV Videos



updated on 2020-01-27 to Mac Data Recovery

For Mac users, the data is the most important thing on the computer. For example, MOV videos are commonly used files for Mac users. Normally, users will do the best to keep the MOV files safe. Some users will back up the MOV videos to another drive or cloud. So if data loss happens, Mac users can still get the wanted MOV videos from the backup.

recover deleted MOV videos on Mac

However, some Mac users would fail to back up the MOV files regularly. If some issues happen, users will lose the the MOV videos from the drive. There will still some issues will cause data loss on Mac. If you unfortunately lose some MOV videos from Mac drives, you will want to recover deleted MOV videos on Mac. Please don’t be worried. TogetherShare provides a reliable Mac data recover software for deleted MOV videos. With this data recovery software, users can recover deleted MOV videos on Mac easily and effectively. In this page, I will show you how to use this software to recover the lost MOV videos on Mac.

Guide: Data recovery solution for deleted MOV videos on Mac

To recover deleted MOV videos on Mac with this software is very easy. With only a few steps, Mac users can get back the lost MOV files. Please just do as follows step by step directly.

Step 1. Download video data recovery software first.

The software we recommended is TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. Please first download the trial version of this software first.

Step 2. Connect and choose the drive.

If you lost MOV videos on one drive, please ensure to connect it to the Mac computer. Then launch the software and choose the drive where you lose MOV videos.

recover deleted MOV videos on Mac

Step 3. Scan the drive.

After click the Scan button, the software will automatically scan the drive. With advanced data recovery technology, the software can deeply scan the drive to search for the deleted or lost MOV videos.

recover deleted MOV videos on Mac

Step 4. Preview and recover MOV videos.

Once the scan is finished, all the lost or deleted MOV videos will be listed in the software. Please check and preview the videos first. Then only choose the wanted MOV videos to recover.

recover deleted MOV videos on Mac

The software is very easy to use as you can see and you can use it to recover lost data effectively. It can also recover deleted or lost documents, videos, music files, emails, pictures, archives, and many other commonly used files.

Besides, the software can recover lost data from different storage devices. It can recover lost data from memory card, hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, and so on. This application can support different file systems, including NTFS, FAT32, ReFS, ExFAT, EXT2/3, APFS, HFS/HFS+, etc.

At last, the software is available for both Mac and Windows version. Especially, the software can recover lost files on Windows 10 and the latest macOS 10.15. If you lost data in different operating systems, you can download this software to help you recover the lost files effectively and quickly.