Simple Way to Recover Disappeared Files on Mac



updated on 2020-02-02 to Mac Data Recovery

There are many known issues that will lead to data loss on Mac computers. For example, you may delete some files intentionally or unintentionally, lose files after formatting or other wrong operations. However, there are still some cases the you lose files without knowing the exact reasons. For instance, after starting the Mac machine or connecting an drive or removable device, you just find the files are disappeared. If you don’t know the exact data loss reasons, how to recover files disappeared from Mac?

How to Recover Files Disappeared from Mac?

First, if the files are disappeared from a drive, you can check if the files are hidden. Please unhide all the files on Mac to have a try. Here is how:

  • 1. Go to 'Finder' and locate the folder in which your hidden files are located. If not sure, open any folder with files in it, when you unhide files all hidden files are shown.
  • 2. Press Cmd + Shift + . [dot] from your keyboard. This will show all the hidden files on your Mac.

How to recover disappeared files on Mac?

If you unhide all the files and the wanted files are still disappeared, then you have to try another way - recover the disappeared files with data recovery software. The most reliable data recovery software we suggest for user is TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. Please download the trial version of the software first.

To recover the disappeared files on Mac effectively, please ensure to avoid adding any new data to the drive where you lose the files. Then you can have higher chance to recover the disappeared files successfully. After installing the software, you can try to recover the disappeared files on Mac as follows step by step.

Step 1. Choose the drive where you lose data.

After running the data recovery software, please ensure to choose the drive where you lost data in the list. Then please click the Scan button to continue.

How to Recover Files Disappeared from Mac?

Step 2. Scan the drive which contains the disappeared files.

At this step, the data recovery software will automatically scan the drive on Mac. It will deeply scan and analyze the drive to find your lost files.

How to Recover Files Disappeared from Mac?

Step 3. Preview and recover disappeared files.

Once the scan is completed, all the found files will be displayed in the software. Please preview all the files carefully to check the files. Then only choose the wanted files to recover and sae to another drive.

How to Recover Files Disappeared from Mac?

Conclusion for the Mac data recovery software

First, the Mac data recovery software is very easy to use. As you can see, you can recover the disappeared files on Mac easily with only 3 steps. Also, you will find the interface and interaction is very understandable. With full filter, search and preview features, Mac users can quickly locate the wanted files in the software.

Second, the software is comprehensive and reliable. It can recover lost or deleted documents, photos, video clips, music files, emails, archives, or any other files. Besides, it can recover lost files from APFS, HFS/HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS, ReFS, EXT2/3, and other file systems.

At last, the software can recover lost data from the latest macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and old Mac operating systems. If you lost data from hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive, or any other storage media, TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac can help you retrieve the lost files effectively. Please download the application to have a try first.