Recover Deleted Calendars from iPhone Easily and Fast



updated on 2019-09-10 to iPhone Data Recovery


As a very useful app on iPhone, Calendar is widely used by many iPhone users. It's really an ideal tool to set notifications for some big events. You can set events for your family members' birthday, visit arrangements, important festivals, wedding anniversary, and many other important events for your life or business. It would be very frustrating and inconvenient if you accidentally deleted or lost the calendars. However, this article will provide you a reliable software to recover deleted calendars on iPhone.

recover deleted calendars on iPhone

If you accidentally deleted calendars from your iPhone without any backups, you would think the lost calendars are gone forever and feel sad. Cheer up! Here I will introduce you a very professional iPhone data recovery software for you. It's TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery, the most reliable and effective data recovery tool for iPhone. It can help you recover deleted calendars on iPhone directly without iTunes or iCloud backup.

In order to recover deleted calendars on iPhone with TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery, we suggest you download the software first. It's available in both Windows and Mac versions.

How to recover deleted calendars on iPhone step by step?

After installing and running the software, you will be clear to see how simple the software is. With the understandable interface, you can just follow the wizard step by step, then you are able to recover the deleted calendars easily. Go ahead and check the detailed guide first as follows:

Step 1. Select the iPhone.

If you deleted or lost calendars or events from an iPhone, please ensure to connect it to your computer. Then run the calendar data recovery tool and select the iPhone from the device list.

recover deleted calendars on iPhone

Step 2. Scan the iPhone to find the lost calendars.

In this step, the programs will quickly scan the iPhone and search for the lost calendars and events.

recover deleted calendars on iPhone

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted calendars on iPhone.

After scanning the files, you can preview the found data first in order to verify which files were the needed ones. Then select the anted calendars to recover directly.

recover deleted calendars on iPhone

Note: after deleting the calendars from the iPhone, please stop using the iPhone or add any new data to the iPhone. Otherwise, the lost calendars or other lost data would be damaged permanently, and then it would not able to recover the lost calendars from the iPhone directly.

To protect your data and avoid further data loss on iPhone, we suggest you create regular backup with iTunes or sync your iPhone with iCloud. Then you can easily restore your calendars from iTunes or iCloud backup in case of data loss. If data loss just happened and you failed to back up the calendars with iTunes or iCloud, there is still a chance to get back the lost calendars directly from the iPhone with the software.

Actually, with TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery, you are also able to recover many other lost iOS data from your iPhone, such as photos, audio/voice memos, videos, reminders, notes, messages, contacts, call history, bookmark, WhatsApp chat history, WeChat messages, WeChat contacts, Kik messages and more.

Lost data from iPhone without any backups? Don't hesitate, just download and try this software to recover the lost data from iPhone directly now.