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How to Recover Lost Data in iPadOS?

by Carlos, 2019-7-21

The brand new operating system for iPad is now available – iPadOS. Without using the iOS on iPad, how to recover data from iPad after upgrading to iPadOS? You don’t need to be worried about it. Actually, TogetherShare offers the appropriate iPadOS data recovery software in time. So, if you lost data on iPad with the new iPadOS, just download this software to retrieve your lost data.

iPadOS data recovery

iPadOS brings many new features and it’s more productive for the user. Therefore, more and more iPad users choose to upgrade from iOS to this new powerful iPadOS. However, for some users who encountered data loss in iPadOS, it would be a problem. It seems there is few data recovery software for iPadOS. A reliable iPadOS data recovery tool would be nice for iPadOS users.

Download iPadOS data recovery application to retrieve lost data

There is good news for the iPadOS users who suffered data loss. TogetherShare released the world’s first iPadOS data recovery software – TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery. If you are wondering whether it can work with iPadOS or not, just download it and have a trial with it.

This software can recover more than 14 types of iOS data from your iPad under iPadOS. For instance, it can help you recover deleted or lost reminders, notes, calendar, photos, app photos, videos, app videos, audio, voice memos, messages, WhatsApp messages, Kik messages, WeChat messages, WhatsApp contact and more.

It can also help you recover lost data in many data loss scenarios. No matter you lost data because of accidental deletion, factory resetting, application malfunction, or device damage, iPad is stolen, etc. the software can help you get the lost data back without a problem.

Steps to perform iPadOS data recovery

To recover lost data from iPad in iPadOS is easy with TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery. It offers simple user interface and understandable interactions that enables any users can retrieve lost data without any difficulties. To rescue your lost data from iPadOS with this software, only 3 steps needed. Go ahead and check the detail instructions.

Step 1. Connect and choose the iPad.

First, please ensure to connect the iPad to the computer, then the iPad will be detected in the software. Select the iPad and click the “Scan” button.

iPadOS data recovery

Step 2. Scan the iPad with iPadOS.

The software will scan and analyze the data from the iPad. During the scan process, any found iPadOS data will be detected and displayed. So, you can check the data in the process.

iPadOS data recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover data in iPadOS.

When the scan is completed, you can then preview the lost data to check if the found data is desired. After checking and confirming, you can then select the wanted and recoverable data to recover.

iPadOS data recovery

For the new iPadOS, it’s really powerful but we still need to take necessary actions to protect our data carefully. For example, you can back up or sync the data regularly. Check the files or data before removing them. If you still suffered data loss in iPadOS, please ensure to download the powerful and specific iPadOS data recovery – TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery – to recover the lost data.

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