How to Recover Lost Data from iPad Mini?



updated on 2020-01-09 to iPhone Data Recovery

Thin, light, and portable designed, iPad Mini, is beloved by many users. It is a very popular portable devices for entertainment. Also, it’s powerful enough and productive. You can use it to take photos/videos when travelling. Even you can use it to do some simple work. Of course, it’s mostly used as a common entertainment tool with full of features, such as multimedia, social applications, and so on.

iPad Mini data recovery

So, you may store some important data on your iPad Mini. However, there will be some issues that will cause data loss on iPad Mini. For example:

  • Deleted data on iPad Mini by accidental.
  • App data lost due to application malfunction.
  • System errors on iPad Mini cause data loss.
  • Lose data on iPad Mini with unknown issues.
  • iPad Mini damaged and data lost.

As you can see, above mentioned issues and many other problems will cause data loss on iPad Mini. Don’t worry. TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery, the best iPad Mini data recovery tool, can help you to recover the lost data from iPad Mini. The download is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Guide for iPad Mini data recovery

Method 1. Recover lost data from iPad Mini device directly. If you never back up iPad Mini with iTunes or other tools, you can try to recover the lost data from iPad Mini directly. Here is how:

Step 1. Connect and choose iPad Mini.

If you lose data from iPad Mini, please stop using it to avoid adding new data to the device. Connect it to the computer first. Then launch the data recovery software and choose the iPad Mini to continue.

iPad Mini data recovery

Step 2. Scan iPad Mini for lost data.

The software will scan the iPad Mini directly to search for any possible lost data on the device. With advanced data recovery methods, it can help you look for the lost data deeply.

iPad Mini data recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover iPad Mini data.

After scanning, it will list all the found items by types. You can easily find the wanted data first. Then preview the data and only select the wanted data to recover.

iPad Mini data recovery

Method 2. Restore specified data from iTunes backup of iPad Mini. If you have iTunes backups for the iPad Mini, you can restore the wanted data with this software. It’s very useful if you only wanted to restore some individual files instead of restoring the entire iPad Mini. Also, if the iPad Mini is totally damaged and cannot even start, you can use the software to extract data from iTunes backup directly to computer. With similar steps as data recovery from iPad Mini, you can easily get the wanted data from iTunes backup by using this software.

Why choose TogetherShare software for iPad Mini?

First, the software is compatible with different version of iPad Mini, it can even support the latest iPad Mini with iPad OS.

Second, it can recover many types of data from iPad Mini, such as messages, call history, contacts, safari bookmarks, photos, videos, audio files, WhatsApp messages, WeChat messages, Kik messages, remainders, notes, and more.

Third, TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery can also recover lost data from you other iOS devices. For example, it can also recover lost data from iPhone and iPod touch.

So if you lost data on any of your iPad Mini, iPad, iPad air, or other devices, just calm down, download this iOS data recovery software to help you get back any lost data fast and effectively.