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updated on 2019-08-18 to Data Recovery

WPS file recovery freeware

WPS Office is a suite of software for Word, Presentation, and Spreadsheets, etc. As it provides the free personal basic version, WPS office gains a large number of users in the world. Also, WPS Office is fully compatible with MS Office software. It's one of the most popular office software now.

So many home users or business users used WPS files in their daily work. The WPS files are very important for users. If the WPS files get lost in accidentally, it will cause problems for their work. For the users who suffer data loss for WPS files, a WPS file recovery freeware would be bliss for them. There is great news that TogetherShare released the reliable data recovery application that can help users to recover WPS files for free.

Why choose TogetherShare Data Recovery Free

As a free and fast data recovery freeware, TogetherShare Data Recovery Free can save you much money and time. To enjoy the free data recovery for WPS files, you can download the freeware now:

This WPS file recovery freeware is very good at recovering documents. It can free to recover WPS files, MS Office files, PDF files, HTML files, and more other documents. Besides, it supports to recover pictures/images, videos, music files, archives, etc.

It's a professional data recovery tool to recover WPS files in different data loss circumstances. It is capable of accidentally deleted files recovery, formatted recovery, recycle bin empty data recovery, lost partition recovery, damaged hard drive recovery, virus attack recovery, OS crash recovery, raw partition recovery, and many other data recovery situations.

The data recovery software can recover WPS files from different types of partition drives, such as FAT32, NTFS, ExFat, HFS/HFS+, EXT2/EXT3, APFS, and some other popular used partitions.

How to use the WPS file recovery freeware?

Although it's a freeware, TogetherShare Data Recovery Free is designed as a professional and easy-to-use data recovery software. To help users to recover lost data free and quickly, the software uses simple user-interface with strong data recovery quality. With a few clicks, you can get back the lost WPS files free and fast. Here I will show you the simple steps to perform WPS file recovery.

Step 1. Connect and choose the drive where you lost WPS files.

If you lose WPS files from a drive, please stop using it and don't add new data to the drive. Connect the drive to the computer and start the WPS file recovery freeware, select the drive and click the "Scan" button.

WPS file recovery freeware

Step 2. Scan the drive to find the lost WPS files.

The free WPS data recovery software will search for deleted or lost WPS files by scanning the drive. It will be fast to scan. You can even preview the found files during the scanning process.

WPS file recovery freeware

Step 3. Recover the deleted or lost WPS files for free.

Once the scan is finished, all the found files will be listed. Please ensure to check and only select the wanted WPS files to recover.

WPS file recovery freeware


As one of the best data recovery software, TogetherShare Data Recovery Free has earned a great reputation in the market. It is a professional, safe, effective and free data recovery tool has helped millions of users to recover their deleted or lost WPS files and many other types of data.

It is a super data recovery application that works on different types of data storage media, including hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, digital camera, and other devices. To have your lost data recovered for free, please ensure to select this data recovery product.