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PowerPoint document is one of the popularly used types of files, many users all around the world use PowerPoint document. It is a perfect way to use PowerPoint document for presentation in meetings, speeches, and training. As many users use the PowerPoint files each day, we have to face a problem – data loss. For example, if you lost the important PowerPoint document for your meeting next day, it would drive you mad and you may have no time to make a new one in limited time. In such an urgent case, a professional PowerPoint file recovery tool would get you out of the mess.

recover lost PowerPoint documents

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Common data loss situations for PowerPoint Documents

Like many other kinds of files, PowerPoint files would get lost in different cases. Some are intentional and others are unintentional. Here we will show you some of the common reasons for data loss for PowerPoint documents.

  • Delete PowerPoint documents by accidentally.
  • Format drive and lose PowerPoint documents on the drive.
  • Lose PowerPoint documents after system upgrade failure.
  • PowerPoint documents are missing from a deleted partition.
  • Drive becomes RAW, damaged or crashed and cause loss of PowerPoint documents.
  • Virus attacks the computer and deletes the PowerPoint documents.

Trustworthy data recovery software for PowerPoint Documents

How to recover lost PowerPoint documents effectively? A professional data recovery software is recommended to help you achieve that goal – TogetherShare Data Recovery. The download is available here for you:

This data recovery software can recover lost PowerPoint documents in a variety of data loss scenarios, no matter the PowerPoint documents are deleted, or the PowerPoint documents are lost in other unexpected cases. Equipped with advanced data recovery technology, the software can help you recover the lost or deleted PowerPoint documents effectively.

Also, the tool is able to recover lost PowerPoint documents from NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and other kinds of lost file systems. It can also recover PowerPoint files that are lost on different devices, such as hard drive, SSD, memory card, USB flash drive and other drives/devices.

Steps to recover deleted or Lost PowerPoint documents

It is very simple to operate this software to recover lost PowerPoint documents. With a short and easy 3-step guide, you can get the point. Now please read on and perform the PowerPoint file recovery.

Step 1. Select the drive where you lost PowerPoint documents.

Run the software, and then select the drive from the drive list. Click the "Scan" button to continue the data recovery.

recover lost PowerPoint documents

Step 2. Scan the drive to find the lost PowerPoint files.

The application will automatically scan the drive to search for your lost PowerPoint documents or any other lost files. Mostly, it would not take too much time.

recover lost PowerPoint documents

Step 3. Preview and recover lost PowerPoint documents.

After the scan is completed, preview the found PowerPoint documents first. Then choose the wanted files only to recover directly.

recover lost PowerPoint documents

TogetherShare Data Recovery is comprehensive, it can recover not only PowerPoint documents, but also it can recover other file types, including other types of documents, pictures, videos, and many other commonly used files. What's more, this software is available for both Windows and Mac users.