Recover Deleted BKF Files Easily in Only 3 Steps



updated on 2020-01-12 to Data Recovery

To protect the data security, users often create backups for there system or data. For Windows users, Windows built-in backup utility is the most common used tool to create backups. It will generate BKF format of backups file with this software. If the computer suffered data loss or system crash in the future, you can use the BKF backup files to restore the system or data.

recover deleted BKF files

Normally, the BKF backup files are stored on external hard drive or other places. It’s safe to keep the BKF backup files in this way. Then you can restore the data/system once the issue occur. However, sometimes there will be some issues on the backup disk so you will find the BKF files are missing from the backup disk when you try to restore data.

No matter the BKF files are deleted or lost due to partition formatted, deleted/lost, or become file system corruption, you need to find a reliable data recovery software to recover deleted BKF files first. Then you can use the BKF files to restore the system or data.

BKF file recovery software suggested

The software suggested to recover deleted BKF files is TogetherShare Data Recovery. With this file recovery software, users can easily recover deleted or lost BKF files from the backup disk. With advanced data recovery technology, it provides very high chances and success rate to recover deleted BKF files.

The software can automatically scan the backup disk quick and deep scan methods. So it can help users to find the deleted BKF backups files fast, also if you lose BKF backups files in other data loss case, the software can also deeply scan the backup disks to find the lost BKF backup files.

The software can recover deleted BKF backup files from backup disk in different file systems. Such as it can recover the lost BKF backup files from NTFS, FAT16/32, ReFS, ExFAT and any other types of volumes. Please download the software first to recover deleted BKF backup files.

How to recover deleted BKF backup files in 3 steps?

The software is very simple to use. No too much computer or software skills needed exactly. Even the novice can easily operate this software to recover deleted BKF backup files. There are only 3 steps needed to do the recovery task. Please just do as follows step by step to recover deleted BKF backup files.

Step 1. Connect and select the backup disk.

First, please connect the backup disk to the computer. Then run the data recovery software and choose the backup disk to continue.

recover deleted BKF files

Step 2. Scan the backup disk.

The software will scan the backup disk automatically after click the Scan button. It will search for the deleted or lost BKF backup files from the backup disk.

recover deleted BKF files

Step 3. Recover deleted BKF backup files.

If the scan is finished, the software will show all the found BKF backup files. Please check the files first and then only select the wanted files to recover.

recover deleted BKF files

Actually, TogetherShare Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery software that can also recover deleted or lost AutoCAD files, WPS files, Excel files, DWG/DXF/DWF Files, RAR/ZIP Files, WAV files or other commonly used files.

Also, the software is able to recover lost data from USB flash drive, SSD, internal/external hard drive, memory stick, MP3/MP4, voice recorder or any other types of data storage devices. Please download the trial version of the software to have a try first.