Easy Steps to Recover Lost PDF Files



updated on 2020-01-20 to Data Recovery

Summary: Have you ever lost the important PDF files in some situations? Actually many users encounter such a embarrassing issue when they need to use some PDF files but just find the PDF files are missing. Fortunately, TogetherShare provides the easy way for PDF file recovery. With the software, users can easily recover lost PDF files with a few steps. What’s more, the software is capable of recovering other kinds of lost files.

PDF file recovery

As a security, cross platform supported, and interactive format of document, PDF file is widely used in different fields. Many users PDF documents in their work or life around the world and there will be some issues for PDF users. One of the most focused is how to recover lost PDF files because many users lose PDF files in some cases. To help the users who lost PDF files, TogetherShare Software - the experienced data recovery provider - provide a simple but effective solution for PDF file recovery.

Download PDF file recovery software from TogetherShare

TogetherShare provides the simplest and most effective data recovery software for lost PDF files. It can help users recover lost PDF files easily. Before performing PDF file recovery, please first download the software for PDF file recovery - TogetherShare Data Recovery.

The software can recover lost PDF files due to deleting, drive formatting, file system damage/corrupted, partition deletion/lost, drive inaccessible, system crash, human errors, and many other issues and unknown reasons. So if you lost PDF files because of the mentioned issues or unexpected reasons, don’t worry. Just have a try with this reliable data recovery software.

It can recover the lost PDF files from hard drive, USB flash drive, SSD, memory card and other storage media. It supports the PDF file recovery on NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, ReFS, EXT2/3, HFS/HFS+, APFS and other formats volumes. It can work in both Windows and Mac system.

Detail steps to recover lost PDF files

Actually, it’s very easy to use this professional data recovery software to recover lost PDF files. The product is designed as a simple tool that any users can operate it without problem. Wizard-style interface and understandable interactions make the software very easy to use. Also, there are full of advance filter, search and preview feature which can help users to locate and identify the wanted files quickly.

Install the software and connect the drive where you lost PDF files to the computer first. Then let’s move on and follow the guide to recover lost PDF files step by step.

Step 1. Choose the drive where you lose PDF files.

Launch the data recovery software, you will find the drive is listed in the software. Please choose the drive and click the Scan button.

PDF file recovery

Step 2. Scan the drive to search for lost PDF files.

Then the software will deeply scan the drive automatically to search for the lost PDF files for you. With advanced data recovery technology, it will help you to find all the possible lost PDF files.

PDF file recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover lost PDF files.

After scanning, the software will show all the found files directly. Please check and preview the files first. Then choose the wanted PDF files to recovery directly.

PDF file recovery

Now you can see how easy it is to recover lost PDF files with TogetherShare Data Recovery. Also, you can recover any other lost files with the same steps. So if you lost other documents, pictures, videos, audio files, emails, and other lost files, just download this software to get them back quickly.