How to Recover Lost AVCHD Videos?



updated on 2020-02-01 to Data Recovery

"I recently got a new camera with the option of recording AVCHD videos. I then shot some videos and move to the computer. However, I lost the videos from the computer after deleting them wrongly. Can anybody tell me how to recover AVCHD video files?"

how to recover AVCHD video files

AVCHD, short for Advanced Video Coding High Definition, which is originally designed for HD camcorders/cameras use for digital recording and HD video playback. The AVCHD videos are also widely used on computers. Users will lose the videos from the computers if some issues happen. However, TogetherShare Data Recovery is able to help you recover the lost AVCHD video files.

What can TogetherShare Data Recovery do?

As mentioned, TogetherShare video data recovery software is the best one for users to recover lost AVCHD video files. Before recover lost AVCHD video files, please first download and install the data recovery software as follows.

TogetherShare video data recovery software can not only recover AVCHD video files, but also other lost files from different types of devices in any data loss cases. For example, the software can help users in following cases.

  • Recover deleted AVCHD videos. In order to deleted some unwanted files, users may delete the needed AVCHD video files by mistake.
  • Recover lost files from formatted drive. After formatting a drive, all the files on the drive will be wiped then you cannot see any of your files on the formatted drive.
  • Retrieve AVCHD video files after drive damage. If the files system of a drive is damaged, then you will not able to access the drive and the files on the drive directly.
  • Restore lost data from lost or deleted partition. If the partition is lost from a drive, the files on the partition will also be deleted and lost.
  • Rescue AVCHD files after system crash/update/reinstalling. Some files will be lost due to system crash. Also after updating or reinstalling operating system, some of the personal files will also get lost.
  • Recover lost files from virus-infected drive. After virus attacks, some files on the drive will be missing or lost.

How to recover AVCHD video files step by step?

The software is very easy to use, users can recover lost AVCHD video files with only a few clicks. Also, with full features users can easily locate the desired AVCHD videos files accurately and effectively. Here is also a short tutorial for users to recover AVCHD video files.

Step 1. Select the drive or device.

Run the video data recovery software, you will find it detect all the connected drive or devices on the computer. Please check and ensure to select the correct drive that contains the lost AVCHD video files. Then click the Scan button to go to next step.

how to recover AVCHD video files

Step 2. Scan the media for lost AVCHD videos.

When you go to this step, you will find the software is scanning the drive automatically. The software will deeply search for the lost AVCHD video files from the drive. It will take some time to finish the scan depends on the size of the drive, please just wait patiently.

how to recover AVCHD video files

Step 3. Preview and recover AVCHD videos.

After the scan process is finished, the software will list all the found files. You can check and locate the AVCHD video files first. Then please preview the videos to check if they are still intact and recoverable. At last, please choose the desired videos to recover and save to another drive.

how to recover AVCHD video files

TogetherShare Data Recovery is able to recover any lost files in both Windows and Mac systems. It can even recover lost files in Windows 10 and macOS 10.15. If you unfortunately lost some files in any case, please don’t worry. First, please stop adding new files to the drive. Then download this data recovery software to recover the lost files.