How to Recover Deleted Notes/Text Files?



updated on 2020-01-28 to Data Recovery

how to recover deleted notes/text files

Did you ever delete notes/text files by accidental? Have you ever encountered data loss for notes/text files due to partition loss/damage? Actually, there are many issues will lead to data loss for notes/text files. Notes and text files are used by many users all around the world, so many users will encounter the issues that will cause data loss for notes and text files.

If data loss happens for users, users need a professional data recovery tool to recover the lost data. As for the notes/text files, if you delete them unintentionally, how to recover deleted notes/text files? Normally, you can recover the lost notes/text files with TogetherShare Data Recovery directly. Please download this software first to have a free trial.

Why choose TogetherShare Data Recovery?

TogetherShare Data Recovery can recover lost notes/text files in many different cases. For example, it can recover deleted notes/text files, recover lost notes/text files from formatted/lost/damaged drive, or recover notes/text files after system upgrade/crash, virus attack, human error, application exception, and other issues.

The software can recover notes/text files or other data from different types of storage drives/devices. For example, it can recover lost data from external drive, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, voice recorder, MP3/MP4 player, car recorder, SD card, XQD card, and other digital storage devices.

This data recovery application is able to recover lost documents, photos, video clips, music files, emails, archives, and many other commonly used files. It supports data recovery for NTFS, FAT32, ReFS, ExFAT, EXT2/3, HFS. APFS, HFS+ and other files systems.

Besides, there are many useful features for the software to help users identify the wanted files fast and accurately. For example, the filter options, search feature and preview function. With filter and search options, users can first locate the files first. Then use the preview option to check the integrity of the files before recovering.

How to recover deleted notes/text files?

Besides the effective data recovery quality and full features, the software is also very simple to use. The interactions are understandable for users, users can just follow the wizard to recover deleted notes/text files in only 3 steps. Please just follow the guide below step by step to use the data recovery software.

Step 1. Select the drive.

After running the data recovery software, please ensure to check and choose the correct drive on which you deleted the notes/text files.

how to recover deleted notes/text files

Step 2. Scan the drive.

Please click the Scan button and then the software will automatically scan the drive. The software will analyze and search for the lost data for users.

how to recover deleted notes/text files

Step 3. Preview and recover.

If you finish the scan, you will find the found notes/text files are shown up in the software. Please check and preview the files first. Then choose the wanted files to recover and save to another drive.

how to recover deleted notes/text files

Data loss is unexpected and will always happen for users. If you don’t have backup for the lost data, you will need a data recovery software to get back the lost data. As it’s the last chance to recover the lost data, so a reliable data recovery software is necessary. We suggest you download and use TogetherShare Data Recovery to help you rescue the data.