How to Recover Lost MPEG Videos?



updated on 2020-01-23 to Data Recovery

Summary: In this article, I will share you the solution to recover lost MPEG videos from different types of storage devices. It will be easy and fat to do the job.

recover lost MPEG videos

MPEG videos are widely used by many users in the world. Also, users will store MPEG videos on hard drive, removable drive, USB key, memory card, SSD, MP4 player or any other storage devices.So if you lost MPEG videos on different drives, you need to comprehensive data recovery software that can recover lost MPEG videos from any storage devices.

Actually, TogetherShare Data Recovery is such a tool that can meet the need for users. It supports MPEG video recovery on any digital devices. You can download the software first to have a free trial.

What can TogetherShare Data Recovery do?

TogetherShare video recovery tool can recover lost MPEG videos effectively in different data loss cases. For example:

  • Recover deleted MPEG videos from computer.
  • Recover lost MPEG videos due to drive formatting.
  • Recover MPEG videos from damaged partition.
  • Recover lost videos from deleted or lost partition.
  • Recover MPEG videos from volume after file system corrupted.

Also, this versatile data recovery software is able to recover many other types of videos. For instance, it can recover deleted/lost RMVB, MP4, MOV, LFV, AVI,MXF, VOB, MTS, and other videos. What’s more, it can also recover lost pictures, documents, music files, emails, archives, database files and other files commonly used by users.

Moreover, this application can recover lost files from the devices/drives with NTFS, FAT16/32, ExFAT, ReFS, EXT2/3, APFS, HSF/HFS+ or other file systems. The software can work in both Windows and Mac machines. So no matter you are Windows or Mac users, you can use this software to recover lost data from any devices.

How to recover lost MPEG videos?

Before the recovery, please ensure that there will be no new data added to the drive where you lost MPEG videos. Then the lost data will not be further damaged and could be recovered successfully. Also, please check and prepare another drive which has enough free space to save the recovered files.

Then install the software to your computer and run it. Please follow the guides as below step by step to recover lost MPEG videos with this data recovery software.

Step 1. Connect and choose the drive which contains lost MPEG videos.

If you lost MPEG videos from a drive, please ensure to connect it to the computer stably. Then launch the application and choose the drive from the list to scan.

recover lost MPEG videos

Step 2. Scan the drive to search for lost MPEG videos.

The software will then scan the drive automatically. It will take some time depend on the size of the drive. You can wait patiently while it’s scanning.

recover lost MPEG videos

Step 3. Preview and recover lost MPEG videos.

Once the scan is completed, the software will show and list all the found data on the drive. Please check and preview the files manually. Then only choose the lost MPEG files to recover.

recover lost MPEG videos

Now you can know there are only 3 simple steps needed to do MPEG video recovery with this software. You don’t need to know too much about the computer or system. With just a few clicks, you can easily get back your lost MPEG videos. Actually, it’s as simple as that, you can do recovery for other types of data. Download TogetherShare Data Recovery now to recover your lost data.