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Latios, 2022/04/01

FORMATTED an USB flash drive a few days ago. Download TS recovery to scan it, finds all my lost files.

Duke, 2020/10/29

I cannot believe! It recovered the lost data successfully from the corrupted drive. I tried with other software before but all failed. I nearly gave up. It save my ass.

M J, 2020/02/29

Awesome!I got access to all of my lost pictures within minutes. VERY impressed!

Akki, 2020/02/13

Best recovery software! I was able to restore the majority of my lost files. Thank U...

Kathi, 2020/01/25

Even though I had to pay for the service, it was well worth it. It recovered all my lost photos/videos.

Tushar, 2020/01/12

Worked for me! Was able to recover lost video clips from my crashed hard drive.

Arthur, 2019/12/29

A very important document losted from my computer drive after a factory reset. The software helped me to recover the document with full content completely.

Nizer, 2019/11/15

My lost files on the USB flash drive are recovered successfully by this software. Great software and good team!

Nathan, 2019/10/06

It’s horrible to find my work documents were deleted wrongly. TogetherShare helped me to get them back. Also, It’s simple to use and I will sure to recommend it.

Jack, 2019/09/17

After removing an app from my iMac, it removed the related files also. I tried with this software and it worked for me. I recover the wanted files. Thanks you very much!

Navaneeth, 2019/09/02

It’s the best Mac data recovery software that I ever used. It can help me recover all the lost data in most cases.

Vasconcelos, 2019/08/09

Good software and good support. I recover all the files with the help of the software and support.

Luiz, 2019/07/21

If you lost data on Mac drive, I suggest this software. It just help you recover the lost photos from erased drive.

Luang, 2019/07/11

My hard drive can’t be opened. With TogetherShare Mac data recovery, I get all my data back.

Petera, 2019/06/09

I deleted my photos and emptied the trash bin, I can't believe that this software finds all my deleted photos, and recovers all of them.

Tinna, 2018/11/11

I lost all my photos my my Sony camera. Thanks to this software, I recovered all my deleted photos. Thanks.

Peer, 2018/8/23

TogetherShare Mac Data Recovery is the best Mac file recovery software I've ever used.

Karlos Austin, 2018/3/15

Download TogetherShare Data Recovery to scan the formatted disk on my Mac. Magic, it get all my lost files back!

Mirka, 2017/9/18

Highly recommended Mac data recovery application.

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