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Morii, 2022/04/03

Before selling my MacBook, this software works great for erasing all my docunents.

Garcia, 2020/10/29

It's not only a data wiper. You can enjoy more. I suggest you have a try. I like this utility.

Annie, 2020/02/25

The entire drive was wiped and I couldn't find any previous data on the drive with some data recovery tools. I will recommend it!

Kasisn, 2020/02/16

It is the best data sanitization software I have ever used.

Hamada, 2020/01/28

The software is so great ! ! ! It cleaned the space of my SSD completely.

Garry, 2020/01/09

Very cool tool.

Martis, 2020/01/07

Wipe my Macbook before selling it, easy and quick.

Huston, 2020/01/04

Works well on my MacBook, wipe free space, the deleted data can't be recovered by data recovery software.

Peter, 2020/01/02

I have three hard drive to be sold. Thanks to TS DataWiper for Mac, I can permanently erase all my data on them.

Lutos, 2020/01/02

Oustanding data eraser, very easy-to-use. All my data is gone forever.

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