Recover Lost Data from Thunderbolt Hard Drive with TogetherShare



updated on 2019-10-16 to Storage Device Data Recovery

Thunderbolt hard drive has very fast data transfer speed and many other useful features. Nowadays, there is too much information produced and we need the drive with faster transfer speed. So Thunderbolt hard drive is more and more popular for users now.

Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

However, you may risk data loss on Thunderbolt hard drive in different cases. For example:

  • Delete the files from Thunderbolt hard drive wrongly.
  • Thunderbolt hard drive becomes inaccessible/raw/corrupted.
  • System prompts to format the Thunderbolt hard drive.
  • Burn bootable image to Thunderbolt hard drive by mistake.
  • Format Thunderbolt hard drives accidentally.
  • Interruption to copy-and-paste process on Thunderbolt hard drive.

If any of the issues happen, you will sure to suffer data loss and lose your important work documents, family photos, favorite movies and music files, important emails, and any other files. Is it possible to retrieve the lost data from Thunderbolt hard drive? Yes, there are many Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery tools in the market. Among the software, we will share the best one for you here. Please read on to find more information about it as follows.

Best software for Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

Here are many tools on the internet claim that they can support Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery, but some of them cannot provide satisfying results for users. TogetherShare Data Recovery, with powerful data recovery ability and a great reputation in the industry, can help you recover data from Thunderbolt hard drive with better recovery results.

If you lost data from Thunderbolt hard drive, don't hesitate, just download this professional Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery software to salvage your lost files.

TogetherShare Data Recovery is reliable. It provides very advanced data recovery technology that can help users to recover lost files from Thunderbolt very fast and effective. All the possible lost data could be found with this software. It can even help you get back the lost files even the file system of Thunderbolt hard drive is badly damaged. It can scan the Thunderbolt hard drive deeply to search for any possible lost files and then reconstruct the files for you.

Another useful feature is the preview function. Before recovering and purchasing, you are able to verify whether the lost files were recoverable or not by previewing them. This software supports the preview for most of the commonly used files. You can ensure whether the software works for you or not before placing an order.

Steps for Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

As a professional data recovery, TogetherShare Data Recovery is designed to be easy-to-use and simple enough for the users. As you will see, there are just 3 steps with a few clicks, you are able to recover lost data from Thunderbolt hard drive.

Step 1. Choose the Thunderbolt hard drive.

After running the software, please first check and select the Thunderbolt hard drive. Then click the Scan button.

Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

Step 2. Process the scan for Thunderbolt hard drive.

At this step, the software will process further to scan the Thunderbolt hard drive. Please wait patiently.

Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

Step 3. Recover lost files from Thunderbolt hard drive.

Once the scan process is finished, please preview first and then select the wanted files to recover.

Thunderbolt hard drive data recovery

Data loss may happen sometimes. It's not easy for users to get back the lost data manually each time. You often need a simple and professional data recovery software in such a case. Now you can download TogetherShare Data Recovery to deal with the data loss issues and restore your lost files.