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Best Choice for Lost Pages Recovery on Mac

by Ava, 2019-06-02

For Mac users, the Pages is very familiar just like the Word for Windows user. If you have a Mac computer, you would probably have used the Pages. It’s also a very productive tool, so Pages files are used in nearly every day for a Mac user. Pages files can be used on many devices, such as the Mac computer, iPad and iPhone. And of course, data loss of Pages files is an issue cannot be bypassed for Mac users.

Best Choice for Lost Pages Recovery on Mac

Pages files would be lost or deleted in different cases for many reasons. Mostly, if you lost/deleted Pages files on Mac, there is a big chance to recover them. If you can find a better data recovery software, you will get greater opportunities to get the lost/deleted Pages files back. Fortunately, there is a top-leading data recovery software for Pages – TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac.

Download the data recovery tool for Pages recovery on Mac

TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is a well-designed tool for data recovery. It’s specialized in Pages recovery. No matter how you deleted or lost he Pages files, this tool can help you find and recover them seamlessly. You can download and install it very quick and easy.

The Pages recovery tool can help you recover the lost data in any data loss scenarios. It can recover lost Pages files under Mac OS due to file accidental deleting, formatting, OS upgrade, virus infection, drive logical error, human error, OS reinstalling, hard drive crash, etc.

This data recovery software also supports different types of devices, such as iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro, HDD/SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, RAID, etc. It’s also compatible with Mac OS arrange from Mac OS X 10.7 to macOS 10.14.

Steps to recover deleted/lost Pages on Mac

To recover lost Pages files with TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac, you only need 3 simple steps. You can start the Pages file recovery with only a 10-second simple guide. Here is how to perform the data recovery step by step.

Step 1. Select the drive to scan.

In order to recover the lost Pages, please ensure to select the right disk or volume to scan. If you lost Pages files on a removable device, please connect it to the Mac first and make sure it’s connected stably.

Best Choice for Lost Pages Recovery on Mac

Step 2. Scan the drive for lost/deleted Pages files.

After clicking the Scan button, the product will scan the drive to search for your lost Pages files. If the lost Pages files are found successfully during the scan, you can pause or stop the scan directly to recover. You don’t need to wait until the scan finishes.

Best Choice for Lost Pages Recovery on Mac

Step 3. Choose the files to recover.

After scanning, select the correct and wanted files, click the Recover button to save the recovered files.

Tips: To recover the Pages files successfully, please don’t save the recovered files back to the original drive where you lost files.

Best Choice for Lost Pages Recovery on Mac

TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is also a stunning tool to recover Numbers files, Keynote files, Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, and any other files. Don’t wait, just download now and retrieve your lost files with this amazing tool on Mac.

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