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Recover Deleted MP4 Videos on Mac in 3 Steps

by Ava, 2019-06-02

Download deleted MP4 video recovery software for Mac

If you deleted MP4 videos on Mac or other storage devices, there is still a chance to restore. Because the lost data mostly are still on your storage devices. You only need a powerful third party data recovery software for Mac. With a data recovery software, you could recover deleted MP4 videos. We recommend a very capable Mac data recovery software for you – TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. You can download and use this all-around software to recover deleted MP4 videos on Mac effortlessly.

Most common scenarios for video deletion There are many reasons why a user would delete the videos. We will list the most common reasons for you.

  • Accidental deletion: Users would just delete the videos without even know when and how. This sounds inconceivable but actually, it’s one of the most common reasons for data loss.
  • Cleanup with a third party software: Users often use cleanup software to free more space or optimize the Mac performance. The cleanup tool sometimes would list and select the large videos to be cleaned up. If you failed to check carefully, the videos would be deleted then.
  • Format the camera: If you click the wrong button on camera wrongly, it will format your camera (mostly the SD card) and also all the videos on the camera will be deleted/wiped.

Also, some other reasons would cause the videos to be deleted, such as improper operations, errors of other applications, malware attack and so on.

Recover Deleted MP4 Videos on Mac in 3 Steps

Perform lost/deleted MP4 video recovery on Mac in 3 steps

TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is an excellent data recovery software. It can recover deleted MP4 videos on Mac in different scenarios. With the simple scan and recovery process, you can recover the deleted MP4 files so easy. Also, the product is featured with preview, filter and search functions. You are able to locate your deleted or lost MP4 videos accurately for recovery.

Step 1. Select the drive/device for scanning.

Select the drive or device from which you deleted the MP4 videos and click the Scan button.

Recover Deleted MP4 Videos on Mac in 3 Steps

Step 2. Scan the drive/device for deleted MP4 videos.

TogetherShare undelete video tool will quickly scan the drive/device, your deleted videos will be found and show up in the product during the scan procedure.

Recover Deleted MP4 Videos on Mac in 3 Steps

Step 3. Preview and restore MP4 videos.

After all the deleted MP4 videos are found and displayed, you can change to “Type” tab of the product and change to “Video”, just unfold it, you will see the mp4 option, all the mp4 files will be listed there. You can preview and select all the wanted videos to recover.

Recover Deleted MP4 Videos on Mac in 3 Steps

When the video data loss happens, please first stop using the drive, camera or any other device. It will avoid any further second damage to your lost videos. Then download this comprehensive software and carry on the deleted MP4 videos recovery for Mac. Actually, all the other video files are supported, including MOV, MKV, AVI, RMVB, RM, etc.

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