Data Recovery for Old Files on Mac



updated on 2020-02-04 to Mac Data Recovery

If you use a Mac machine or drive for a long time, there will be many files on the drive. Mostly you may forget some files until you need to use them. Sometimes you may delete some files when you think these files are not needed any more. However, you will be frustrated to find that some removed files are still needed. If the drive or computer are not touched after deleting or lost files, it would be easy to recover these old files on Mac. Even you keep using the computer or drive after data loss, there would still be a chance to recover some of the old files.

how to recover old files on Mac

Normally, if you do further change or add new files to the drive after deleting old files, some of the old files would be overwritten and damaged. But if you have not added too much new data, most of the old file would still be recoverable. How to recover old files on Mac in such a case? First, you need an effective data recovery application. A professional Mac data recovery software can help you recover old files on Mac easily.

Data recovery software for old files on Mac

In order to recover old files on Mac effectively, we recommend the most reliable Mac data recovery software - TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. Before recovering the old files, please first download and install the software to your Mac machines.

The software can recover any type of lost data on Mac. It supports data recovery for documents (keynotes, pages, numbers, word/excel/ppt, pdf, etc.), pictures (heic, jpg/jpeg, png, tif/tiff, nef, cr2, etc.), videos (mov, mp4,avi, mts, etc.), audio files (mp3, wav, ape, etc.), emails (dbx, pst, mbox, etc.), and many other lost files.

After scanning, the software also provides many useful features for users. With these features, Mac users can easily locate the lost files, such as the filter and search options. Also, you can preview the files before recovering. Then you can save time and space to only recover the wanted files.

How to recover old files on Mac step by step?

Even the software is easy-to-use and simple enough. However, to help Mac users to recover old files more effectively, here we also provide a simple guide. Users can just follow the short guide step by step to recover old files on Mac.

Step 1. Choose the drive.

If you lost old files on a drive, please ensure to connect the drive to the Mac computer first. Then run the data recovery software and choose the drive from the list to continue.

how to recover old files on Mac

Step 2. Scan the drive.

After clicking the Scan button, the software will automatically scan the drive. It will search for the lost files with different methods. Then it will help users to find the possible old files quickly and effectively.

how to recover old files on Mac

Step 3. Preview and recover.

Once the scan process is completed, you will see all the found files are listed in the software. You can simply locate the files first and preview them. Then just choose the wanted files to recover directly.

how to recover old files on Mac

Before data loss, it’s better to keep backing up the important files regularly. If you don’t have backup and data loss happens, you can try to recover the lost data as soon as possible. Otherwise, some of the files would be damage by newly added data. So please download TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac immediately if you lost data on Mac computers. The earlier you take action, the more chance you have to recover the lost files successfully.