How to Recover Lost Videos on MacBook?



updated on 2019-12-30 to Mac Data Recovery

Videos are very common for users. Users will use videos in many cases. For example, we will watch film videos on MacBook. Also, video tutorial is widely used and it’s very simple and fast to learn thing with it. Users will also shoot videos with the camera/camcorders and move the files to MacBook to view or back up.

how to recover lost videos on MacBook

As the videos are used by many users on different devices, there are more chances to lose the videos in many cases. If you are not careful, you will delete the videos wrongly. Also, we will sometimes format drive, memory card or other devices for some reasons and lose videos on the devices. There are also many other unexpected issues that will cause videos loss, such as file system corruption, virus infection, human errors, etc.

No matter how you lose the videos, you can get a Mac data recovery software to recover the videos on MacBook. Besides, you can recover lost videos from external hard drive, memory card, USB key or internal hard drive on MacBook with the software - TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. How to recover lost videos on MacBook with TogetherShare video recovery software? First, please download the software.

Why choose TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac?

TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is a reliable data software for lost videos on MacBook. It can work on MacBook and recover the lost videos in different data loss scenarios. Lost videos in different formats on MacBook can be recovered with this video recover tool.

As a comprehensive recovery application, TogetherShare software for the video can recover data from APFS, HFS/HFS+, FAT32, exFAT, ReFS, NTFS, and other formats of partitions on MacBook. Besides, it is able to get back lost videos in different data loss situations. So it’s the best video recovery solutions for MacBook users.

What’s more, the software is very simple to use. Also, you can check and preview the videos during or after scanning. So you are able to check the integrity of the found videos before recovering them. Then you can only select the desired and recoverable videos to recover, it can help you save time and space.

Simple tutorial: Steps to recover lost videos on MacBook

As mentioned above, it’s very simple to use the software. Here are only 3 steps to recover lost videos on MacBook with the video recovery software. Please just follow the tutorial below step by step.

Step 1. Choose the drive to scan.

Run the video recovery software, then select the drive where you lost videos, click the Scan button to continue.

how to recover lost videos on MacBook

Step 2. Scan the drive for lost videos.

The software will automatically scan the drive to search for all the lost videos from the drive on MacBook.

how to recover lost videos on MacBook

Step 3. Preview and recover lost videos on MacBook.

After scanning, please preview the found videos first to check and find the wanted and recoverable videos. Then select the wanted videos to recover directly.

how to recover lost videos on MacBook

If there are other files lost on MacBook, you can also download and use this Mac data recovery tool to recover the lost files. The software can recover lost photos, documents, audio files, emails, archives and many other types of lost data.