Solution for AIF Audio File Recovery on Mac



updated on 2020-03-12 to Mac Data Recovery

how to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac

AIF audio files retain a higher quality sound than MP3 files, so AIF is very popular on Mac with better auditory experience. Many Mac users download and listen to AIF music on their computer, phone, or other music players. You can enjoy beautiful music anywhere then. It’s very nice but some annoyed things will happen to the AIF audio files or device and break your good feelings. For example, the AIF files get deleted, or the drive/device is corrupted or crashed, then you will lose your favorite AIF audio files.

After losing your regular listened and favorite AIF music files, you will feel heart breaking and desperately wanted to recover the files. If you encounter such problem the first time on Mac, you may be vacant and don’t know how to get back the files properly. Please don’t worry. Here we will just teach you about how to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac step by step.

How to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac?

Actually, it’s not hard to do the job if you can find the appropriate solution. Fortunately, you just come to the right place. Now we will share the most reliable and easy solution for you to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac. You can just read on carefully to get the point. With only a few steps, you will be able to get back your lost AIF music/audio files directly on Mac.

Step 1. Download the proper software first.

The software we recommended is TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. It’s one of the most popular and effective data recovery software on Mac. Please download the software first.

Step 2. Choose the drive or device.

Install and then launch the software. You will see the drive that contains the deleted or lost AIF audio files. Please just choose it from the list, and then click the Scan button to continue.

how to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac

Step 3. Scan the drive/device.

The software will automatically scan the drive to find the deleted or lost AIF audio files. Normally, it will find the deleted data quickly and then deeply scan for the other lost data.

how to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac

Step 4. Preview and recover AIF audio files.

Once the scanning is completed, all the deleted and lost files on the drive will be found and listed. Please just check and locate the AIF audio files first. Then preview and only choose the wanted ones to recover.

how to recover deleted AIF audio files on Mac

More features of the Mac data recovery software

As the best Mac data recovery software in the market, the software is capable of recovering different kinds of files on Mac. For instance, it can recover deleted or lost videos, graphics, documents, audio files, emails, archives, and so on.

Mac users may lose files in different cases, such as deleting data, erasing volume, drive damaged, system crash, unplugging drive wrongly, removing volumes by mistake, power outage, etc. TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac can easily help you retrieve the lost data in such scenarios.

Another thing that attracts many users is the simple interface and easy operations. Any users can directly run the software to recover lost data without problems even at the first time. So if you are not a skillful user, don’t worry, the software can guide you to find and recover lost files simply. If you encounter data loss, just download the software to rescue lost data quickly.