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Easy Way to Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone

by Carlos, 2019-07-05

People like to use Notes application on iPhone to record their ideas, to-do list, shopping list or any scattered thoughts. If you find the notes are missing one day, it would be a sad thing for you. The notes would be lost due to deleting by accident, iOS update, or other reason. No matter how the notes are disappeared, the only thing you care about most should be how to recover deleted notes from iPhone.

recover deleted notes from iPhone

If the notes are deleted or missing, please first check if the deleted notes are still there in the “Recently Deleted” of the Notes app. If so, it’s fortunate. You can undelete the notes directly. If the missing notes are not there, then what should do to get back the deleted notes? Now you need a notes recovery software for iPhone. For example, the most powerful and to-leading data recovery application - TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery.

What can TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery do?

First, it can recover deleted or lost notes directly from the iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices. If there is no backup for the deleted notes in iTunes or iCloud, you can still use this software to recover deleted notes from iPhone device directly.

Second, if you backed up the iPhone data with iTunes, you can use this notes recovery software to extract the deleted notes selectively from the iTunes backup. Therefore, you can only select the specific notes from the backup without restoring the entire backup. In addition, there is no problem to restore other items individually with this application.

It can also recover many types of iPhone data with TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery, including notes, photos, videos, audio, voice memos, messages, contacts, call history, WhatsApp data, Kik messages, WeChat data, and other types of iOS data.

Recover deleted notes from iPhone with easy steps

This professional notes recovery software is also very easy to use. The simple interaction and understandable interface can lead you to perform the notes recovery with ease. Just do as follows step by step and you will easily retrieve the delete or lost notes.

Step 1. Chose the device to scan.

If the notes are deleted or lost on an iPhone or iPad, just connect it to the computer. Run the notes recovery tool, you will see the device is detected and listed. Select it and click the Scan button.

recover deleted notes from iPhone

Step 2. Scan the device for notes.

The program will scan the iPhone or iPad for the delete/lost notes. It will not take too long a time to finish the scanning. You can just wait patiently.

recover deleted notes from iPhone

Step 3. Preview and select the notes to recover.

After the scan is finished, you can click the Notes option in the product directly. Then you will see all the found notes from the iPhone or iPad. Click one of the notes and then you can preview the content directly. After checking and confirming, please select the wanted notes to recover.

recover deleted notes from iPhone

To Conclude

TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery is a comprehensive data recovery software for iOS devices. It can recover deleted notes or any other lost data on iPhone. It’s easy and effective to recover data with this software. Also, both Windows and Mac version are available for users. If you lost notes or other data on iPhone, don’t hesitate, download and use this iPhone data recovery software to rescue the lost data immediately.

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