Recover Lost Data from FAT/exFAT/EXT



updated on 2020-05-16 to Data Recovery

You may find it’s easy to find solutions/software to recover data from NTFS, APFS, HFS/HFS+. However, how to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT? Normally, the system will use NTFS on Windows machines and use APFS or HFS/HFS+ on Mac by default in most cases. They are the most commonly used file systems for users. If you have any problem and want to recover data from your drive, you can easily find data recovery software for NTFS and APFS/HFS/HFS+. However, there are also some other file systems used for some internal drives, external drives, memory card, RAID, NAS, and so on. For example, many devices use FAT, exFAT, EXT file system to manage data on drive. It’s necessary to have reliable software and solution for FAT/exFAT/EXT.

how to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT

Are there any data recovery applications for these file systems? The answer is yes. TogetherShare Data Recovery, as very effective and comprehensive data recovery software, can recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT without problems. You can first download the software to scan and check if it works.

How to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT with TogetherShare software?

Actually, if you use our software TogetherShare Data Recovery, you will find recovery for FAT/exFAT/EXT is as easy as the recovery for NTFS/APFS/HFS/HFS+. The software just do all the work to analyze and find lost data from the drive. You can do same steps to recover data from FAT/exFAT/EXT or any other file systems.

Step 1. Connect and choose the drive in FAT/exFAT/EXT.

First, please connect your FAT/exFAT/EXT drive to the computer. Run the software and choose the drive from the list of our software.

how to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT

Step 2. Scan the FAT/exFAT/EXT drive.

After selecting the drive, please just click the Scan button and it will start the scan process automatically. It will search for the lost data in different methods. Please wait patiently.

how to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT

Step 3. Preview and recover data from FAT/exFAT/EXT.

Once the scan is completed, you will see all the files found by the software. You need to check and preview first. Please only choose the wanted files to recover.

how to recover lost data from FAT/exFAT/EXT

1. After losing data, please stop adding new data or editing existed files on the drive.
2. Don’t do any other operations to the drive, like deleting, formatting, re-partition, etc.
3. Don’t save the recovered files back to the same drive directly. Please recover to another drive instead.

The most effective way to keep your data safe and prevent data loss is to back up your data regularly to different places. However, it’s not able to prevent data loss 100% in any cases. If you happen to lose data somehow, you can still try to get the data back with the best tool TogetherShare Data Recovery. Just download it and have a try.