How to Repair Corrupted Memory Card?



updated on 2020-02-18 to Data Erasure

Some issues will cause memory card corrupted and then we cannot use the memory card to store data. Memory card is commonly used on smart phone, tablet, camera, MP4, and other portable devices. If there are problems happen to the devices, such as power outage, suddenly unplug memory card from device, then it may cause damage to the memory card. Sometimes the memory card will then be corrupted and it’s not able to access or use the memory card to store data anymore. In order to use the memory card again, you need to repair corrupted memory card first.

repair corrupted memory card

Before repairing corrupted memory card, normally you need to ensure if there are any wanted data on the corrupted memory card. If so, we suggest you try to recover the lost data from the corrupted repair corrupted memory card first. To recover lost files from corrupted memory card, we suggest you use a reliable data recovery tool. We suggest you use TogetherShare Data Recovery to recover lost data from corrupted memory card.

After recovering the lost data from the corrupted memory card, then you can try to repair corrupted memory card. There are different methods to repair corrupted memory card. For example, you can use system built in tools or some other third-party software to repair corrupted memory card. We will share a method to repair corrupted memory card with our software.

How to repair corrupted memory card?

We provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for users - TS DataWiper. This software is a data wiper tool with some other functions. There are some options in the software that can help you repair corrupted memory card. Please first download the software and have a try.

First, you can use the Repair option of the software to repair corrupted memory card directly. It can help you fix some files system errors, partition table errors, or logical errors on the corrupted memory card. Please connect the corrupted memory card to the computer with a card reader first. Then just run the software, choose Disk Tool, select the corrupted memory card in the list and then click the Repair option to fix the issues on the memory card.

repair corrupted memory card

Normally, after repairing the issues, the memory card will be usable again for data storage. However, sometimes it would not able to repair corrupted memory card with this option as the memory card volume is badly damaged. If you cannot repair the memory card with the Repair option, you can also try the Format option to have a try. After formatting the corrupted memory card, you can still be able to reuse the memory card.

Besides repairing or formatting memory card, there software has more functions. You can use the software to shred files/folders, erase free space of drive, or erase entire drive. The software can help users to erase data from memory card, USB flash drive, SSD, external/internal hard drive completely. After wiping the data, it’s not able to recover the wiped data with any data recovery tool. It can help users to keep data/privacy safe and avoid data breach. If you also need to wipe data, or repair corrupted storage device with the software, please just feel free to download the TS DataWiper and have a try.