How to Wipe Data on RAID?



updated on 2020-07-02 to Data Erasure

Data on a RAID is stored on different hard drives that constructed the RAID. The data is not stored on the RAID controller. So if you want to delete and wipe the files from a RAID completely, you cannot just destruct the RAID configuration simply. RAID data erasure is necessary in such a case. You need to wipe the data on all the hard disks of the RAID.

RAID data erasure

RAID was always used by some company or home server and the data is important for users. If you don’t want the data be leaked after selling, abandoning or giving away the RAID, you have to use a professional and secure tool to erase the data on the RAID completely.

Before erasing data on your RAID, you need to know the following tips first:

  • Simply destruct format the RAID or delete the files on RAID will not wipe the data on RAID.
  • After wipe the data on your RAID, the data will no longer be available. So you need to back up or move the important data to another drive first.
  • Please ensure to wipe the data on all the disks to ensure the RAID data is wiped completely and permanently. As the data on RAID is redundant, it’s easy to rebuild the data if you don’t wipe all the disks.
  • To ensure all the data will be wiped completely, please don’t cancel the data erasure process.
  • You can run the data erasure process multiple times if you want the data be wiped as completely as possible.

How to erase data on RAID step by step?

To wipe the data on RAID, there are many methods you can choose. We strongly recommend you use third-party software to do the job. It will be simple and secure to wipe data. TS DataWiper is one of the best RAID data erasure software.

With simple and understandable interface, any users can operate this tool easily. It also provide different data erasure modes and algorithms for you. You can choose different options to achieve your goal in different situations. Before we provide the detail instructions about how to use the software, please first download and install the software.

After installing and running the tool, you can then follow the guide below to shred files or wipe RAID.

1. Shred individual files/folders on RAID.

If you just want to remove some specified files on RAID, you can choose Erase Files mode. This mode is flexible and you can choose any files or folders to shred. It will just wipe the selected files/folders without affecting any other files on the RAID.

RAID data erasure

2. Erase entire disk of RAID drives.

Sometimes, you may not want to use the current RAID anymore, you can choose the method Erase Hard Drive. It will wipe all the existing or delete data on the RAID. Then you will have some totally clean disks for further use or give them away.

RAID data erasure

3. Wipe the free space of RAID drives.

After deleting some files on RAID and you don’t want the deleted files be recovered by others in any way, Erase Free Space is the perfect solution for you. It will wipe all the data on the free space and you don’t need to worry about the existed files on the RAID.

RAID data erasure

Now, after wiping all the data on the hard drives of the RAID, you can then reuse the drives, sell the drive, give the disk away, or just abandon the disks without any worries. Your data ever existed on the RAID drives will not be leaked.

TS DataWiper is the best erasure software that can also wipe USB external hard drives, USB flash keys, memory cards, SSD, and any other kinds of storage devices. If you don’t need the data and don’t want to share the data on your drives/devices, just download this software to wipe the data permanently.