Permanently Delete PDF Documents



updated on 2020-02-01 to Data Erasure

PDF documents are used by most of computer users. If you are going to sell a computer or device which contains important PDF files, you need to permanently delete these PDF files before you sell or donate your computer/device. How to permanently delete PDF documents? In this article, we will give you the right answer.

Permanently Delete PDF Documents

Download file shredder software to permanently delete PDF documents

The file shredder software is your best solution to permanently delete PDF documents. TS DataWiper is a great file shredder which is rated as the best file shredder for Windows/Mac OS. It can help you easily and permanently delete PDF documents beyond the scope of data recovery.

It is the fast way to shred PDF documents. Here jus download and install it on your PC or Mac computer.

TS DataWiper can help you shred PDF documents from local hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, digital device, etc. Once the PDF documents are deleted by TS DataWiper, the PDF documents are lost forever, can’t be recovered by any data recovery software or manual data recovery service. So, please think carefully or make a backup before you shred your PDF documents.

Three options to shred PDF documents with TS DataWiper

TS DataWiper offers 5 different data erasure standards including HMG Infosec Standard 5, Baseline; DOD 5220.22-M; U.S. Army AR380-19; Peter Gutmann's algorithm. So, it can securely and permanently delete your PDF documents from any hard drive or device without causing any physical damage. Here, it offers 3 flexible modes to help you permanently delete PDF documents.

Mode 1. Selectively erase PDF documents.

This PDF file shredder is able to help you erase targeted PDF documents. Just add the PDF documents to the erasure list and click on Erase Now button. All the selected PDF documents will be permanently erased.

Permanently Delete PDF Documents

Mode 2. Wipe all data including PDF documents.

This disk wiper will help you wipe an entire hard drive. All data including PDF documents will be permanently erased.

Permanently Delete PDF Documents

Mode 3: Erase deleted PDF documents.

This mode will wipe free disk space of your hard drive. All deleted files including PDF documents will be permanently erased. It will not erase the existing files on your hard drive.

Permanently Delete PDF Documents

Don’t let your sensitive data fall into the wrong hands. Before you sell or donate your device, you should permanently erase your private files including PDF documents. TS DataWiper supports to shred all file formats including PDF documents. You can download it to permanently erase your PDF documents before you sell, donate, dispose your computer or digital device.

Once the PDF documents are erased by TS DataWiper, there is no method to recover the erased PDF documents. TS DataWiper is 100% safe data erasure software, no physical damage. It also can help you shred damaged PDF documents or virus infected PDF documents permanently. Download TS DataWiper here: