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Recover Data with Unformat USB Flash Drive Freeware

by Ava, 2019-06-03

Data loss on USB flash drive is a big problem and it is continuously puzzling many users. Mistaken formatting takes a very large proportion of the data loss situations. Users would format a USB flash drive wrongly for a variety of reasons. For example, when you get a new drive, you mostly need to format and repartition it before using it, but accidentally select the wrong USB flash drive to format.

free unformat USB flash drive

Formatting is usually a useful solution to fix USB flash drive errors. For example, if there is a logical error on a USB drive, the user would format it directly to fix the issue. Besides, in order to clean up a USB drive completely, the user would also choose to format the drive as a quick solution. There are also some other reasons which lead to formatting operations. Unfortunately, the user would sadly find that the wrong USB flash drive is formatted sometimes.

If you lost data because of mistakenly formatting, you would probably ask “what do I do now?” The first thing is to stop using the formatted USB flash drive, don’t add any new data to it or reformat/repartition the drive. Then you need to find a capable unformat USB flash drive tool to get the lost data back. The best choice for users is TogetherShare Data Recovery.

Download the best free unformat USB flash drive software

Equipped with high speed and efficient scan engine, the software is able to recover lost data from formatted USB flash drive very fast and precisely. So TogetherShare Data Recovery is the most recommended data recovery for the formatted USB drive.

This software could help you recover the lost data even with the original file tree structure and filenames. Also, you can preview the found files in the product directly before recovering the files. It supports thousands of file types covers from commonly used to rarely used files for users. It’s an excellent data recovery software worthy downloading and trying.

How to recover data with unformat USB flash drive software?

The use of this unformat software is very simple, nothing can be so simple as this. It’s another reason why we recommend the software. With this data recovery tool, you can recover data without effort. You only need to follow the following guides step by step.

Step 1. Select the formatted USB flash drive.

Connect the formatted USB flash drive to the computer and run our unformat software. Select the flash drive in the first interface of the product and click the Scan button.

free unformat USB flash drive

Step 2. Scan the formatted USB flash drive.

The software will scan the flash drive deeply for any possible lost files automatically. If the lost files were found during the scan process, you can pause or stop the scan to save time.

free unformat USB flash drive

Step 3. Preview and recover the lost files.

Select a file to preview first, if it can open or play normally in the product, it means it’s recoverable. You can select it to recover. Please ensure to save the recovered files to another drive.

free unformat USB flash drive

At last, Togethershare Data Recovery Free is also an undelete file tool, lost data recovery tool to recover lost/deleted data in many other data loss situations. In general, you can download this software to help you recover data no matter how you lose data.

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