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Easy SD Card Data Recovery Solution

by Carlos, 2018-08-17

In our leisure lives, we usually hang out with our family and friends to go to the outdoors for some hiking, camping or BBQ. And one of the best things is to take some group photos with our smiling face, happy pose and beautiful background. Take it as our most precious memory of our life. And all these photos and videos stored in SD card of our camera may be got lost by some accidental faulty operation. So by this article, we will teach you how to use the third-party software TogetherShare Data recovery to accomplish SD card data recovery once you meet data loss with your SD card.

The deleted or formatted data on SD card is not permanently lost. The file system just removes the entry of the deleted/formatted data, and makes the disk space of the deleted/formatted data be available for new data. It means before new data completely overwrites the deleted/lost data, you have the chance to get the deleted/formatted data back. What you need to do is downloading SD card data recovery software.

SD card data recovery software for Windows/Mac

TogetherShare offers powerful SD card data recovery software – TogetherShare Data Recovery. It can help you:

  • Recover deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from SD card.
  • Recover lost data when the system asks you to format the SD card.
  • Recover lost data from corrupted or raw SD card.
  • Recover lost data from SD card due to logical error, virus attacking, human error, etc.

This powerful SD card data recovery software gives efficient method to recover lost data from SD card under various data loss situations. The deep scan will deeply scan the SD card/damaged SD card and find every recoverable file. And it is very easy-to-use, here you can follow the three steps below to completely recover your lost data from SD card.

Three steps of SD card data recovery

Before you start recovery of SD card, please: 1. Download, install and launch SD card data recovery software on your computer; 2. Connect the SD card with your computer. Then follow these steps to recover the SD card data.

Step 1: Choose the file types you’d like to recover.

Make sure of what kind of data you want to recover and select it, we usually suggest you to select to recover all files.

SD card data recovery

Step 2: Select SD card and scan it to find lost data.

Choose SD card and make scan start. The lost data will be come out file by file during the scan. TogetherShare Date Recovery takes quick scan as default setting. You can make deep scan continuously if you lost data are not found by quick scan.

SD card data recovery

Step 3: Preview and restore lost data from SD card.

TogetherShare Data Recovery supplies all the lost data from your SD card after the scan procedure. We suggest you to make a preview of your lost data for sure. Because the name of lost data may be would be changed by system sometimes.

SD card data recovery

Just 3 steps, we think everybody can handle the whole process of SD card data recovery by using TogetherShare Date Recovery. At last, one suggestion for you, do not use your SD card store anything before the 100% data recovery in case of data overwritten.

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