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Best Method to Recover Formatted XQD Card

by Ava, 2019-05-26

It would be very annoying when you format a XQD card by mistake. It’s really a frequently-occurring issue for XQD card users. When you try to format a volume on PC, the connected XQD card would be selected to format in an accident. Also, if there is too much data on the XQD card, you may want to clean up the data quickly with a format. However, you just forget that there are some needed files without backup. Anyway, you just make the data gone with wrong format operations. Is it possible to recover formatted XQD card? Fortunately, you can still recover formatted XQD card with data recovery software. We strongly recommend TogetherShare Data Recovery for you.

Best Method to Recover Formatted XQD card

Why choose the TogetherShare software to recover reformatted XQD card?

TogetherShare Data Recovery supports to recover nearly all kinds of files, like photos/pictures, videos, documents, archives, emails and other files from an XQD card. Its powerful scan engine can help you find your lost files in a reasonable short time. To recover formatted XQD card, just download and use this product.

Besides, it’s safe and risk-free software. With read-only scanning mode, it will not do any change to your XQD card during the scanning process. Also it will always prompt that don’t save the recovered files to the same card. It will avoid any further damage or overwriting to the lost data on the card.

Perform data recovery from formatted XQD card

TogetherShare Data Recovery is such a superb data recovery tool for formatted XQD card. It provides simple UI and fast scanning speed for you. Moreover, good data recovery quality is the most important part of the product. It can help you recover the lost data efficiently after the XQD card formatting. Follow the wizard of the product step by step, then you will sure to get back your files from the formatted XQD card.

Step 1. Make sure the XQD card is connected to a PC with a card reader. Then launch the product to select the formatted XQD card, click the Scan button to continue the recovery.

Best Method to Recover Formatted XQD card

Step 2. The software will start the scan procedure. All the lost videos, photos and other files will be found and displayed in the product interface during the scanning.

Best Method to Recover Formatted XQD card

Step 3. At last, when the scan procedure is completed, you can now check the found files by Preview feature. Select all the wanted files to recover and save directly.

Best Method to Recover Formatted XQD card

Tips: Please don’t save the recovered files back to the same XQD card.

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