How to Recover Deleted/Lost Videos from GoPro Camera?



updated on 2019-11-30 to Memory Card Recovery

GoPro camera is one of the most versatile action cameras in the world. It’s a professional camera especial for sports. Many users like to shoot videos with GoPro when they do some sports or outdoor activities, such as riding, surfing, gliding and so on. It can produce awesome and clear videos with GoPro camera.

As all the GoPro camera users know, the videos shot by GoPro are stored on the SD card. After shooting the videos, we can then transfer the videos from the memory card to the computer for further editing or sharing.

recover deleted videos from GoPro camera

Sometimes, there would be some unexpected issues happen and cause data loss on GoPro camera memory card. For example, we may unintentionally remove the videos or suddenly find the memory card is inaccessible. In the cases, we will lose precious videos on GoPro SD card. However, if such issues happen and you lose important videos, don’t be panic. Actually, it’s able to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera in most cases.

Why the deleted videos on GoPro camera are recoverable?

Normally, if you simply delete videos from GoPro camera, there is no problem to recover the videos. Because the lost videos are not wiped completely from the memory card of GoPro camera. It just marks the videos as deleted and space could be used by new data.

Even you format the GoPro camera memory card or the card becomes inaccessible, the videos were not lost permanently. They are still located on the card. However, it’s not able to access or extract the lost videos directly on the computer.

However, if there is a professional data recovery tool at hand, it would be easy for you to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera. We suggest TogetherShare Data Recovery for you to do the job easily and effectively. You can download it first.

The software can help you analyze the GoPro camera SD card and help you find and show the deleted or lost videos. All the videos will be unhidden for you in the software. You are able to extract the lost videos with the software directly.

How to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera?

The software TogetherShare Data Recovery is a very easy-to-use application. You can use it easily to scan the GoPro camera, check and preview the found videos, recover the lost or deleted videos from GoPro camera SD card. Here we will show the short 3-step tutorial for you. Please just follow the steps to accomplish data recovery for GoPro camera.

Step 1. Connect and choose GoPro camera memory card.

If the data loss happens on GoPro camera, please first stop using it to shoot new videos/photos. Connect the memory card to computer with a card reader. Run the software and choose the GoPro card to scan.

recover deleted videos from GoPro camera

Step 2. Scan the GoPro camera memory card.

It will automatically scan and analyze the memory card deeply. It will do the best to help you search for the deleted or lost videos from GoPro camera memory card.

recover deleted videos from GoPro camera

Step 3. Preview and recover the deleted videos.

After scanning, the software will show up all the found lost/deleted videos for you. You can check and preview the videos first. After identifying the videos, you can select the wanted videos to recover.

recover deleted videos from GoPro camera

TogetherShare provides the best camera data recovery software. It can recover lost photos/videos from Nikon, Canon, Leica, GoPro and many other brands of cameras in many data loss scenarios.

Besides, this comprehensive software can also recover lost data from USB flash drive, hard drive, SSD and many other different kinds of storage devices. It’s a reliable application for both Windows and Mac users. You can download the corresponding version here.