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How to Recover Lost Data from PNY Memory Card?

by Ava, 2019-06-14

PNY memory card is one of the best storage cards in the world. It’s widely used in different digital media devices. PNY memory card is durable and can transfer data at very high speed. All the advantages make the PNY memory card the most preferred portable storage products.

However, Data loss would always happen and make some PNY memory card users very painful. They would lose data because of unintentional format, file deletion by mistake. Also, other unexpected issues would also cause data loss on PNY memory cards, such as files system corruption, memory card crash, improper operation, unsafe ejection, and other problems.

Choose the top-leading PNY memory card data recovery software

When these issues happen and lead to data loss for PNY memory card users, an outstanding data recovery utility is eagerly awaited. Today we will introduce a first-class memory card data recovery tool – TogetherShare Data Recovery.

TogetherShare PNY memory card data recovery software is an easy-to-use application that recovers photos, videos, sound files, documents, and other popular file types. It recovers the lost data with different methods. If you deleted some files, it can search for the lost files based on the file system. Then it will get the deleted files back quickly with original names. If the files system is damaged, it can also bypass the files system and scan the sectors directly to find your lost data.

Although the software scans your PNY memory card or other devices with a strong and complex algorithm, it’s really easy for users to use. You don’t need to care about the scan engine or recovery method, just with a few clicks, you can retrieve your lost data from PNY memory card.

How to recover lost/deleted data from PNY memory card?

Connect your PNY memory card to the computer via a card reader first. Install and run the TogetherShare Data Recovery to perform the data recovery for PNY memory card as the following steps:

Step 1. Select the PNY memory card.

In the first interface, you can see the list of all the connected drives/devices, select the PNY memory card and click the Scan button to continue.

recover lost data from PNY memory card

Step 2. Scan and search for files from the PNY memory card.

The fast data recovery tool will scan the PNY memory card quickly. It will display the found files when it’s still scanning. So you can check and even recover data during the scan process.

recover lost data from PNY memory card

Step 3. Preview and recover the files from the PNY memory card.

After the scan is finished and all the files are found, please preview the files to check if the wanted files are found successfully. At last, select the desired files to recover.

recover lost data from PNY memory card

Tips for PNY memory card users:

  • 1. Keep doing backups for the files regularly in case of data loss.
  • 2. Don’t unplug the memory card from the computer without safe ejection.
  • 3. If any bad errors found with the memory card, stop using it to avoid data loss.

If you failed to create a backup and lost data from PNY accidentally, don’t worry, download TogetherShare Data Recovery for your PNY memory card rescue.

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