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Reliable Tool for MMC Card Data Recovery on Mac

by Ava, 2019-06-10

MMC is the abbreviation of MultiMedia Card. Similar to the Secure Digital card (SD card) and CompactFlash card (CF card), MMC card is another kind of flash memory card. The light and thin MMC card can be used in almost any device that supports SD card. The MMC card is an ultra-small, high storage solution for many digital devices, such as music players, digital cameras, global positioning systems (GPS), car navigation systems, smartphones, video camcorders, tablets, physical e-book readers, and other devices.

For Mac users, they would often deal with the files from MMC cards on Mac. For example, users would edit the photos and videos on Mac computers. Data loss on MMC cards would be a disaster for Mac users. Users would lose their previous photos, videos or other important files of their old memories or work projects. For users, the urgent thing is to retrieve the files from the MMC cards after data loss. What’s the trustworthy software for MMC card data recovery on Mac? TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is the best choice in the market.

Reliable MMC card data recovery software for Mac

TogetherShare MMC card data recovery software is a professional tool specialized in recovering deleted, formatted, lost, corrupted or inaccessible photos, videos, music files and other files from MMC card. Of course, this product can also support other kinds of memory cards, like SD card, XQD card, CF card and so on.

Download this trustworthy & economical MMC card data recovery software, you will recover the lost data very fast and efficiently. The powerful scan engine of this tool can search the MMC card using a strong algorithm. It can recover the lost files even with original filenames and directories. With quick scan speed, you can restore your lost files from MMC card in minutes.

Recover lost/deleted data from MMC card step by step

Besides the fast scan speed, the Mac MMC card data recovery software also features with a simple and easy-to-use interface. It’s easy understanding for users and only 3 simple steps are needed to rescue your lost or deleted data from MMC card.

Step 1. Select the MMC card.

Connect the MMC card to the computer via a card reader. Select it in the product to scan. Just click the Scan button and go to the next step.

MMC card data recovery on Mac

Step 2. Scan the MMC card.

This Mac data recovery software scans the MMC card for any lost or deleted files. Once a file is located, you will see it in the product. Before the scan is finished, you can check the found files directly. Pause, stop and even the recovery option is available during the scan.

MMC card data recovery on Mac

Step 3. Carry on MMC card data recovery on Mac.

After the scan, just select all the wanted and recoverable files to recover. Please ensure to select a path on another drive to store the recovered files.

MMC card data recovery on Mac

TogetherShare MMC card data recovery software makes the recovery easy and fast. It’s a comprehensive memory card data recovery tool exactly. It can perform data recovery for SD card, CF card, TF card, Memory stick and other cards on Mac. Besides, the download of this product is also available for Windows user.

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