Recover Lost Files from AData Memory Card



updated on 2020-01-14 to Memory Card Recovery

AData memory card data recovery

AData memory card is widely used on many kinds of digital devices, including camera, MP3/MP4 player, smartphone, car camera, drone, and other devices. Mostly, the AData memory card can be used to store photos and videos on different types of devices. Also, you can also save other types of data, including documents, audio files, archives and other files, on the AData memory card.

It’s very important to to keep your files safe on the AData memory card. Otherwise, the files will be lost due to some issues. Then you will lose your very important photos, videos, audio and other files from your AData memory card. If you lose the files by accidentally, you will need a AData memory card data recovery software to obtain the lost files.

AData memory card data recovery software download

There are so many data recovery software in the market. How to determinate and pick a proper data recovery software for AData memory card? There are some tips for you to choose the best AData memory card data recovery software.

First, the software should be reliable and effective. Only a professional data recovery tool is able to recover the lost files fast and effectively. Also, only with the professional tool, you can avoid further damage to the lost data on AData memory card.

Second, the software need to compatible for different types of memory cards. As a memory card data recovery software, the software should be capable of data recovery for AData memory card and other kinds of memory card. Users may use different brands of memory cards on different memory cards. So a comprehensive memory card data recovery tool is necessary.

Third, you need to choose a easy-to-use and simple. For most users, they don’t have enough computer skills. So a simple software can help the users to recover data from AData memory card easily without any obstacles.

In general, only a few data recovery software meet the above conditions. TogetherShare Data Recovery is the best one we recommended to users. It can recover lost data in different data loss cases from any memory cards. The software is easy-to-use with understandable user interface. You can download the software to recover data from AData memory card.

How to perform data recovery for AData memory card?

After installing and running the AData memory data recovery software, you can then do as the following steps to recover the lost files step by step.

Step 1. Connect and choose AData memory card.

First please connect the AData memory card to the computer with a card reader/adapter. Launch the data recovery tool, choose the AData memory card and click the Scan button.

AData memory card data recovery

Step 2. Scan the AData memory card.

The software will then scan the AData memory card automatically. During the scanning process, the software can show the found files directly for checking and previewing.

AData memory card data recovery

Step 3. Preview and recover the lost data.

You will see all the existed and lost files in the software after the scan is finished. Please preview the files to check if the wanted files are found and recoverable. Then only choose the wanted files to recover.

AData memory card data recovery

At last, we need to give you some tips for AData memory card data recovery. Please don’t do any further changes or add new data to the AData memory card after data loss to avoid damage to the lost files. Also, please don’t save the recovered files back to the same memory card. Otherwise, the lost data may be overwritten and lead to data recovery failure. Now you get all the needed information for AData memory card data recovery, so you can just download TogetherShare Data Recovery to recover files once you lose data from AData memory card.