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Easy Steps for WPS File Recovery on Mac

by MANDY, 2019-05-27

WPS Office is a widely used office software. It can run seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. Also, it’s also compatible with other office software, such as Microsoft Office. WPS is free and easy-to-use for home users and the operations are nearly the same with Microsoft Office tool, so it is becoming more and more popular among the Mac users.

As a Mac user, have you ever encountered data loss for WPS files? Actually, Mac users would have some unexpected issues which cause the loss of WPS files. Such as accidentally deletion, formatting, and other scenarios. When you lose the WPS files, you would ask if there is a WPS file recovery software on Mac. Of course, there are some WPS recovery software for Mac. Today we will introduce an outstanding one for you.

TogetherShare makes WPS file recovery on Mac easy and fast

The No. 1 WPS file recovery software is TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac. It can help you recover WPS file on Mac simply. No matter how you lost the WPS files on Mac, our product will be able to retrieve them. Fast scanning engine enables you to find lost WPS files very fast. And also, it efficient enough to provide the users with expected results.

It’s worthy to download and try with the software. It’s capable to recover the WPS files with fast speed. You can get the result in a short time. Besides, the preview feature enables you to validate if the files are recoverable before execute the actual restoration.

How to recover WPS file on Mac with step by step tutorials?

The software is designed to be simple enough for users. You can just follow the wizard of the software step by step, then you will recover your lost WPS files on Mac smoothly. No complex operation and no technical skills needed, with only a few clicks in 3 steps, you can get your files back. Please check carefully and do as the step by step tutorials to recover your lost WPS files.

Step 1. Select the drive to scan.

First of all, run WPS file recovery software - TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac computer. It will show all hard drives. Just choose the hard drive where the WPS files are lost.

Easy Steps for WPS File Recovery on Mac

Step 2. Scan the drive to find lost WPS documents.

The software will scan the selected drive and try to find the lost WPS file from the hard drive.

Easy Steps for WPS File Recovery on Mac

Step 3. Preview and save the files.

Wait until the scan procedure is completed, select each WPS file to preview. After confirming the files are found correctly, select them to recover and please ensure to save to another drive.

Easy Steps for WPS File Recovery on Mac

This is the best solution to recover deleted or lost WPS documents on Mac. TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac also can help you recover lost photos, videos, PDFs, MS documents, audio files and other files under Mac OS.

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