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How to Recover Lost Data after Erasing MacBook?

by MANDY, 2019-05-26

MacBook is one of the top-class laptops, it’s widely used by users all across the world. Although the MacBook is well-made and is equipped with high technologies, there are still many issues happen on MacBook, just like other brands of laptops. The issues would cause data loss to the MacBook, so users need a best solution for data recovery for erased MacBook.

recover lost data after erasing MacBook

Among the issues, erasing MacBook is one main reason for data loss. Users would erase the MacBook for many purposes, such as re-partition the drive, or format a brand new external hard disk. Sometimes, users may recall that some data are erased without backup, or just find the wrong drive get erased after the erasing process. A powerful data recovery is necessary to recover lost data after erasing MacBook for these users.

Is it possible for MacBook data recovery after erasing?

Yes, after erasing MacBook with Disk Utility, the data is still available for recovery. If you erase the MacBook with the default options, the data is still located on the drive and can be get back. But please note that if you applied the Secure Erase option, it would be difficult to get the data back. Now you need to download a Mac data recovery software first, such as TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac.

This software is good at finding lost data from erased drive with deep scan technology. It can analyze the hard drive deeply and find all the possible data in any data loss scenarios. So it’s also capable to recover lost data after erasing MacBook. Don’t hesitate, just download the product and then do the recovery rapidly.

Instructions to do MacBook data recovery after erasing

Once the MacBook is erased, please don’t do any further operations on the drive. The foremost thing is to use the erase data recovery software to recover the lost data first. Follow the steps here to recover lost data after erasing and you will get unexpected result.

Step 1. Launch the MacBook data recovery software first, then select the erased drive from the list.

recover lost data after erasing MacBook

Step 2. After selecting the drive, click Scan button to start and the software will deeply scan the erased drive automatically. Once a file is found, it will be listed, so it’s easy for you to validate if it works during the scanning, you don’t need to wait till the scanning is finished.

recover lost data after erasing MacBook

Step 3. All lost data will be displayed in the product after the scanning process is completed. Select any of the files to preview and identify first. Then choose all the desired files to recover directly.

recover lost data after erasing MacBook

TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac is a comprehensive Mac data recovery software. Not only can it recover erased data from MacBook, but it also supports data recovery on other Mac devices, such as MacBook air, iMac, Mac pro and so on.

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