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updated on 2019-08-29 to Mac Data Recovery

free HFS data recovery software

HFS file system is commonly used on Mac systems from a long time ago. So far, there are still many Mac users use HFS drives on their computers. Data recovery for HFS is needed for many Mac users as data loss happens on HFS volumes at times for some users. Compared to paid data recovery software, free HFS data recovery software is more attractive for users especially when there are only a few files lost. On this page, we will share you a freeware for HFS data recovery.

Common data loss scenarios on HFS volume

Data loss is a problem that people have to face. Every day, there are many users suffer data loss. If you use HFS drives on Mac computer, you would lose data from the drive for different reasons. For example:

  • Delete files unintentionally on HFS drive.
  • Erase HFS drive by accidentally.
  • HFS file system becomes corrupted.
  • Failed to load the HFS drive on Mac.
  • Lose data on HFS drive during transferring files.

Mostly, the data lost on HFS drive will not be wiped completely. The data is still located on the drive. With a reliable HFS data recovery freeware, it's easy to retrieve the lost data for free. Now a free HSF data recovery software is available for you – TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac Free. Download it now from here:

How to recover lost HFS data?

With the software, you can recover HFS data for free and simply. Here are some introductions about how to recover lost data from HFS drive. Please read carefully and it can help you recover data easily and effectively. With the understandable interface, you are able to recover the lost data from HFS volumes with only a few clicks. Please just follow the below guide step by step.

Step 1. Choose the HFS drive.

After running the HFS data recovery freeware, you will see the HFS drive in the product. Just select it and click the "Scan" button.

free HFS data recovery software

Step 2. Scan the HFS drive.

When you get into this step, the software will scan the selected HFS drive automatically. It will scan the drive deeply and find all your lost HFS data.

free HFS data recovery software

Step 3. Preview and recover HFS data for free.

If the scan process was finished, all the found files will be listed. Preview the files first to identify the recoverable and wanted files. Then select the files to recover.

free HFS data recovery software

This free HFS data recovery software can also work with HFS+, APFS, FAT32, NTFS, and other commonly used file systems. As a reliable and professional Mac data recovery software, it's fully compatible with Mac operating systems from Mac OS X 10.7 to the latest macOS 10.15. As a free and effective data recovery tool, it's worth to have a try.