Recover CleanMyMac Cleaned Up Files on Mac



updated on 2019-09-13 to Mac Data Recovery

"Space on my Mac drive is nearly full and I want to free more space, so I used the cleanup software CleanMyMac. It worked well and free up so much space for me. However, what shocked me is that CleanMyMac also removed some important files. I lost years of works. Is it possible to recover get them back after CleanMyMac clean up my important files?"

CleanMyMac clean up my important files

Just like this user, many other Mac users use cleanup software on Mac machines to Free up Mac hard drives, delete system junk and browser cache, remove duplicated files, or do other jobs. However, you should be careful to use CleanMyMac or other Mac cleanup tools. Normally, such cleanup tools would remove the files completely on Mac without putting into Trash. Therefore, if the files were cleaned up on Mac, it's not able to roll back the operation directly.

How to recover important files cleaned up by CleanMyMac?

If CleanMyMac cleaned up your important files by accidentally from Mac, there are still chances to recover the files. Normally, if you cleaned up files with CleanMyMac or other tools, the removed files were still located on the hard drive. However, it's not able to access and get them back directly in the system. You need to find a professional Mac data recovery software first. Then you can run and use it to restore the cleaned up files.

We recommend the most effective Mac data recovery software TogetherShare Data Recovery. It can help you recover the important files removed by CleanMyMac easily and fast. You can download it now.

Then you can refer to the following instructions to get back the lost data after CleanMyMac clean up your important files.

Step 1. Choose the drive.

Install and launch the data recovery software, then select the drive that you cleaned up with CleanMyMac.

CleanMyMac clean up my important files

Step 2. Scan the drive.

Click the Scan button, then the software will scan the drive to search for the CleanMyMac cleaned up files.

CleanMyMac clean up my important files

Step 3. Recover the CleanMyMac Cleaned up files.

After scanning, you can preview and only select the wanted files that cleaned up by CleanMyMac to recover.

CleanMyMac clean up my important files

More powerful and useful functions of TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac

As professional data recovery software, TogetherShare Mac data recovery software can also help you recover lost data from formatted drive, recover deleted files from emptied Trash, recover lost files from raw drive, recover lost files from SD card, recover SSD lost data, and so on.

In addition, it supports recovery for different file types, including photos/pictures, videos, documents, audio, emails, archives, and other files on Mac.

No matter what the file system of your Mac drive is, the software can help you recover the lost files. For example, TogetherShare Mac data recovery application is able to recover lost files from APFS, HFS/HFS+, FAT32, NTFS, and other drives.

If you lose files on Mac for any reason, we suggest you stop any further changes and don't add new data to the drive which contains the lost files. Then download data recovery software, such as TogetherShare Data Recovery for Mac, to recover the lost files immediately.