How to Recover Zepto Deleted Files?



updated on 2019-01-27 to Data Recovery

What is .zepto?

.zepto is one of the Locky ransomeware malware. It has been released in 2016. It is delivered by email (that is allegedly an invoice requiring payment) with an attached Microsoft Word document that contains malicious macros. When the user opens the document, it appears to be full of garbage, and includes the phrase "Enable macro if data encoding is incorrect," a social engineering technique. If the user does enable macros, they save and run a binary file that downloads the actual encryption trojan, which will encrypt all files that match particular extensions. Filenames are converted to a unique 16 letter and number combination. Initially, only the .locky file extension was used for these encrypted files. Subsequently, other file extensions have been used, including .zepto, .odin, .aesir, .thor, and .zzzzz. The Web site contains instructions that demand a payment of between 0.5 and 1 bitcoin.

Is there any solution?

As one of the most efficiency data Recover Software TogetherShare Data Recovery will recover the files which are hidden and deleted by the .zepto virus. However, limited by the function, it cannot change the extension name.

Step 1: Download and install TogetherShare Data Recovery.

First of all, download and install TogetherShare Data Recovery on your PC. Then run it on your computer to start of recovery of deleted or hidden data.

Step 2: Select the hard drive.

Choose the hard drive where you lose your files.

How to Recover Zepto Deleted Files

Step 3: Scan the hard drive.

Now, scan the hard drive to find lost files.

How to Recover Zepto Deleted Files

Step 4: Preview and recover lost data from reformatted hard disk drive.

Once the quick scan or deep scan is completed, you can preview all recoverable files. Then select the desirable files, then click on "Recover" button to save the files to a safe location.

How to Recover Zepto Deleted Files

When the files are deleted by Zepto virus, just free download TogetherShare Data Recovery to scan the hard drive. It will find the lost files which are lost due to Zepto virus. Then preview and recover the files as you want.