Recover Lost Data from Erased Partition



updated on 2019-09-20 to Data Recovery

For some reasons, our data will be lost due to partition erasure. In most situations, the data loss is caused by wrong hard drive erasure/formatting. In addition, we would format drive in order to solve some issues, for example, if the drive is virus affected, or there are some logical errors on the drive, a hard drive format/erasure can fix the issues. After formatting/erasing the hard drive, then we just aware that there was still important data needed on the hard drive. In such a case, most users would want to recover lost data after partition erasure.

Is it possible to recover lost data after partition erasure?

Actually, after a quick erasure/format, the data on the drive is still intact on the drive. The erasure/format operation only wipe and rebuild the DBR of the partition. So you are still able to retrieve the lost data from erased and formatted partition.

However, after erasing the partition, it's not able to access the lost data on the drive directly. You need to find and extract the lost data with a professional data recovery tool. Here we suggest the most reliable data recovery software – TogetherShare Data Recovery. It can deeply analyze the erased drive and search for the lost data. It can even recover some of the original filenames and folder structures of the lost data.

The software can work with Windows and Mac machines. First, please download trial version of the software and have a try. The trial version can scan the erased drive fully and you are able to preview the found files fully before recovering data.

With this software, you can also recover lost data from deleted and lost partition. The software is able to find the lost and deleted partition, then analyze and recover the data from the deleted/lost partition. Also, It can recover lost data in many other data loss cases. Such as lost data due to system upgrade, hard drive becomes raw, deleting files, etc.

Tutorial: Steps to recover lost data after partition erasure

Easy and simple is another main feature of this professional data recovery software. You are able to recover lost data after partition erasure with only 3 steps.

Step 1. Connect and choose the hard drive.

If you erased a hard drive wrongly, just connect it to the computer. Run the data recovery software and then select the hard drive in the product.

recover lost data after partition erasure

Step 2. Deeply scan the hard drive.

After clicking the Scan button, the software will scan the hard drive deeply. You can see the found files during the scan process.

recover lost data after partition erasure

Step 3. Preview and recover lost data after partition erasure.

Once the scan process is done, all the found files will be listed. Please preview to check the files first, and then only select the wanted files to recover.

recover lost data after partition erasure

TogetherShare Data Recovery is able to recover lost data from erased NTFS, FAT16/32, ExFAT, APFS, HFS/HFS+, EXT2/3, and other drives. In addition, it's able to recover lost data from SD card, external hard drive, SSD, and other data storage devices. Also, as you can see, it's very easy to use the software. If you lost data in any case, just download and use the software to rescue your important files.