Perfect Way to Recovery RAW Images



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Summary: As one of the best data recovery software providers, TogetherShare has the perfect solution to help users to recover raw images in a professional and simple way. The software can recover raw images and many other data effectively. On this page, we will share the detail instructions about data recovery for raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files.

how to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files

Normally, the new digital cameras in recently years will take photos in raw formats, like CR2, CRW, NEF, PEF, and so on. The raw image files are mostly stored on memory cards. Also, you users will move the raw image files to the computer after finishing the photo shooting for further work. The images on the memory card or computer would be lost somehow if there are issues happen. How to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files after deleting or losing the data in some cases? First, we need to know the issues that will lead to data loss for raw image files. Here we will just list some of the possible reasons for the data loss.

  • Deleted raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files from memory card.
  • Lost raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files after formatting hard drive.
  • File system of the drive crashed and cause raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.)files missing.
  • RAW image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files lost from deleted or lost partition.
  • Cannot access volume and lose raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files.
  • Lost raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) after sudden power off, OS crash, etc.

Data Recovery Software for raw image files

After knowing the reasons for the data loss for the raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files, we can then know the proper data recovery software that can help. TogetherShare Data Recovery, as a comprehensive tool, is able to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files in any data cases as mentioned above. If you unfortunately lost such image files in any situations, please feel free to download the software to have a free trial first.

The software is able to recover deleted or lost raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files from memory card, internal/external hard drive, SSD, USB flash drive, or other storage media on computer. It can recover lost data from the drive/device in different file systems. For example, it supports data recovery for ReFS, ExFAT, NTFS, FAT16/32, EXT2/3, APFS, HFS/HFS+, and other file systems commonly used by most users.

The software has full features and it can help you scan and locate the lost raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files easily. First, this data recovery software use different advanced data recovery technology to search for all the possible deleted or lost files from the drive/device. Second, after scanning you can try to locate the wanted files by path, type, date, size, and other properties. At last, you can preview the files to confirm if the found files are recoverable or not before recovering.

How to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files easily?

First, after deleting or losing raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files from any drive, please stop using the drive and avoid any data writing to the drive. Second, you need to prepare another drive to save the recovered files. Then you can run the software and recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files step by step as follows.

Step 1. Choose the drive.

Run the software, then you will find the drive which contains the delete or lost raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files. Please directly choose the drive from the list and then click the Scan button.

how to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files

Step 2. Scan the drive.

The software will deeply scan the drive to look for the possible lost files. It will take different time to scan the drive depends on the size of the drive. Please just wait patiently while scanning.

how to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files

Step 3. Preview and recover.

After scanning the drive, the software will show all the found files directly. Please try to locate the files first, then preview the files to check if the files are recoverable. Then only choose the wanted files to recover.

how to recover raw image (CR2/CRW/NEF/PEF etc.) files

TogetherShare Data Recovery is easy to use. However, it’s very professional and comprehensive. It can help you recover different files, such as the lost pictures, videos, documents, audio files, emails, archives, database files, financial files, or any other commonly used files. So you can download and use this software to recover any of your lost files after data loss happens.