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Most our software offer a free or trial version, so customers can ‘test-drive’ before deciding to purchase.

Accepted Circumstances

TogetherShare offers refunds for the following circumstances within the guidelines of its Money Back Guarantee.

Non-technical Circumstances

1. Purchase of Extended Download Service (EDS) or Get it on CD (CD) outside of product purchase, without knowing that they can be removed. In this case, we will help you contact payment platform to refund the cost of EDS or CD.

2. Purchase of a ‘wrong product’, and then purchase the correct product from our company. In this case, TogetherShare will refund the price of the wrong product for you if you have no need for it.

3. Purchase of the same product twice or purchase of two products with similar functions. In this case, TogetherShare will refund one of the products for you, or swap one program for another TogetherShare product.

4. The customer does not receive their registration code within 24 hours of purchase,and has not received a timely response (within 24 hours) from the TogetherShare Support Team after making contact. In this case, TogetherShare will refund the customer’s order if they have no need of the product in future.

Technical Problems

Software purchased has terminal technical problems, and no solution has been provided within 30 days. In this case, TogetherShare will refund the purchase price if the customer doesn’t want to wait for a future upgrade.

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated. Please:

Download Version: Uninstall the software and remove it from your computer.
Disc Version: Destroy the disc, then uninstall the software from your computer.