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"I want to say thank you for this great program! Your program helped me to get back all my lost files in a fast way and absolutely perfect.(Other programs I testes gave up.)"

--By Christian Stokowski

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MacBook Air Data Recovery helps you retrieve the lost data on MacBook Air

Good MacBook Air Data Recovery software helps you recover your lost data safely and reliably. Perhaps, you have lost photos, documents, video, emails, and archive files from any Mac-depended hard drive or the outer drive. The lost data can also be retrieved from USB drive, iPod, SD card, mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, or MP4 player. Because of the accidental deleting, formatting, improper operation, virus infection, unexpected power failure, or other unknown reasons, data can be lost. You can take a free trail of data recovery software for MacBook Air from You can take a preview all of the recuperated videos, images, documents, music, and the archive files before buying this Mac Data Recovery.

the ability of stronger MacBook Air Data Recovery tool

It is to recuperate the documents, video, music, archive, emails, or photos. It is to recover data from MacBook Air, or, you can go for recovering the storage media including flash card, digital camera, iPod, or hard drive. At the same time, most of the recovery software of Mac file in the market can only recover the data from the media storage. Scanning the entire drive takes sometime. MacBook Air Data Recovery software can be highly useful for retrieving the lost Mac files in any data loss condition that would face. Like Windows depended method, you can also find a wide array of scenarios for which you can loss Mac data. The common reasons of Data loss in Mac depended methods are disk initialization, bad sector, volume header corruption, master directory block corruption, node corruption of catalogue files, virus, or Trojan invasion. While purchasing MacBook Air Data Recovery, you can check the specific factors of the software. These include compatibility, Multi-Disk Drive Support, Partition recovery, email recovery, all kinds of files recovery, and demo version. Take a visit at to pick up your best MacBook Air Data Recovery software.

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How to Used the MacBook Air Data Recovery to Recover Lost Files?

Step1. Select Types of Lost Data

When launching this program, first to be noticed is the file type select page. All the common file formats are classified into 5 different categories in this page, including Document, Graphic, Email, Audio, Video. All the categories are checked in default. To choose only the specific types of the files you want to retrieve will sharply accelerate the scan speed.

TogetherShare MacBook Air Data Recovery

Step2. Select a Location to Start Finding Data

Please select a location to start finding data, like Desktop, Windows Libraries, Hard Disk Drives, Lost Hard Disk Drives (This option is suitable for the situation of a data loss caused by deleting a partition, losing a partition or re-partition. Our program will read the partition table and list all the deleted partition info under it.)

TogetherShare MacBook Air Data Recovery to Scanning lost files

Step3: Preview and Recover the Files.

After scan, you can preview all the listed recoverable files one by one and select out those you want. Then, click "Recover" button to get them back once. Here you should save all the recovered files on another disk to avoid data overwriting.

TogetherShare MacBook Air Data Recovery to recover your lost files


Technically the first scan will be very quick. Our program will first list all the files that are simply deleted or cleaned from the recycle bin. A pop up window will remind you to use Deep Scan for a further recovery initially after you get the first scan result. Use Deep Scan under the following 2 situations:

1. You cannot find the files you need from the first scan.
2. The recovered files cannot be correctly open.

By clicking Deep Scan bottom, our program will perform a new sector by sector scan, which will take longer than the first scan. Please be patient and do not interrupt it in the middle of the process if not necessary.

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